Social Distancing and Falling off the Band Wagon


(Lesli Ross) #1

Hello everyone!

Being that I’m in the states, and we have the COVID-19 virus around, me and my kiddos have been stuck inside for the last three weeks and an additional 30 days coming. That means, getting creative with activities. And that means, jelly beans.

Yesterday was 12 weeks of keto. I started at 138.8 lb at 5’7”, falling asleep when putting my kids down for naps, being super mind foggy and all that fun stuff.

Well, in the last 12 weeks, I hadn’t “cheated” once. I may have been over 20 net carbs on occasion at a party but I hadn’t truly cheated (minus a bit of apple to start it for the kiddos) in the 12 weeks, meaning I never ate anything non-keto friendly. But this whole “stay home” thing is really testing me.

I have started homeschooling my 3.5 year old, and jelly beans make math fun! And they also smell deliiiicccciiiooouuussss. At first, I was able to resist. Then I had 2. Then 5. And today I had 15. And frozen pizza. And two fruit chews. Uggghhhhh. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to convince her to use something less intcing. Right now I’m sitting at 60 net carbs. Fml.

I am supposed to have my blood drawn soon, per my request, to see if eating keto is helping with my hypothyroidism. But the COVID-19 virus has put a bit of a kink in that. I’d love to stay off medicine and was right on the cusp of needing it, before starting keto.

I am struggling though. Hard core. Bacon/sausage and eggs and coffee with HWC is getting a bit old.

Pepperoni and cheese with avocado, getting super old.

Then I just don’t want to make dinner anymore. Especially when my husband comes home and isn’t hungry.

My husband started keto about a month after me, and is down almost 30 lbs. I really don’t want to derail him, though he’s not doing really healthy keto, and it bothers me. Today he had a pint and a half of Enlightened ice cream. And black coffee. Then some cheese and a piece deli meat for dinner. All day. But that’s a whole other story. His breath reeks so I know he’s in ketosis, but I feel like he’s going about it so wrong.

Annnyyway, I haven’t lost any weight, been at 130 (more or less) for a solid month now. I feel like maybe because I’m already low in weight that maybe my body is stable? I don’t know if that’s a thing. If I kept eating super strict keto, would I just get leaner and leaner?

This is all to say, between not losing weight, being stuck at home and the smell of jelly beans, has me really struggling.

Anyone have advice? Should I just KCKO? What if I just transitioned to meats, veggies and fruits? Omgggg I miss fruit.

Help. Any advice. Encouragement. Anything.

Thank you!

(Troy) #2

Try going for total carbs as a suggestion?

I say yes, give it a try?
Then slowly eliminate fruit , maybe some certain or all veges
And stick with just meat😄

Good Luck

(Troy) #3

Of note, yes by far one of past favorites!
I would eat the entire sams club Kirkland brand of jelly bellies
Confession …I still subscribe to Jelly Belly text offers :tired_face:

(Ron) #4

I used to use unsweetened jello for my cravings. Always had a bowl in the fridge. It worked good until I finally burned out on it, lol.

(Lesli Ross) #5

How long have you been eating keto? Have you lost the craving for sweet food?

(Ron) #6

I have been keto for over 2 years. Yes, I no longer crave sweets but will have the occasional dark chocolate 80% square (just because I love chocolate and there is a little health value there). The craving for sweets gradually diminished after about 6 months on keto. That made it easier to quit jello, lol.

(Pri) #7

Girl you are 5’7” and weighs 130p I think you are really at good ideal weight and bet you looking really good I bet u must be wearing size 2 by now. How low u want to go. You should not stress on weight anymore but being healthy!! :ok_hand:

(Lesli Ross) #8

Idk if restricting the diet further would be any of help. When I wrote this I felt like it was restricting enough. I did really good the next day and I’ve done really good today as well. Maybe it was just a moment of weakness.

(Lesli Ross) #9

Yeah I do feel really good. But I’m definitely not a size 2 LOL. After two kids I’m lucky if my size 5 jeans still fit. I still have a bit of a “mommy pooch” and love handles that I’d love to go away. I was starting to work out regularly before social isolation took over. I just need to get back into it. I haven’t looked this good in 8 years. I was also curious if there’s a point where keto stopped working because your body is at a low enough weight, but I don’t know how that works. Where they continue to lose weight if I still ate strict keto??I was also curious if there’s a point where keto stops working because your body is at a low enough weight, but I don’t know how that works. Would I continue to lose weight if I still ate strict keto? I’ve never restricted calories, just tried to stick to the macros and under 20 net carbs a day. I don’t want to look sickly, but a few more would be nice.

(Pri) #10

Focus on fat loss not weight loss. If you workout and strict keto your body might shuffle the fat around. U might gain muscle. Just keep doing it for sure eating carbs u not going to loose weight either. This way of eating atleast make u feel good!