So where are all the dead bodies?


Doctors want to scare people away from Keto because it is “dangerous”.
So…where is the documented bad outcomes they refer to?
Just curious. My dying diabetic friends want to know.

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There was some research about a century ago, in which a researcher force-fed rabbits cholesterol and observed that their arteries became clogged with cholesterol. Note that cholesterol is an animal lipid, not found in plants, and rabbits are obligate herbivores, so all this study really tells us is that if rabbits are force-fed an inappropriate diet, they don’t do well.

Ancel Benjamin Keys, a fish physiologist who was involved in the care of Dwight Eisenhower after his first heart attack, maintained that atherosclerotic plaque was caused by saturated fat in the diet. His own data showed that cholesterol in the human diet has no effect on cholesterol levels in the blood, so he blame saturated fat instead. He produced a study showing that seven countries fit neatly on a graph showing that the more saturated fat they consumed, the greater their incidence of coronary heart disease. But a reanalysis of the data from all 22 of the countries he studied shows that the correlation between fat intake and heart disease exists only when those particular seven countries are picked; over all 22 countries there is no such correlation. Interestingly, however, there is a strong correlation between sugar intake and coronary heart disease in Keys’s data, which he dismissed out of hand (it turns out several of his friends were being paid by the sugar industry at that time to blame various health problems on fat rather than on sugar).

Later on, several large, well-funded studies, including Keys’s own Minnesota Coronary Study, showed either no correlation or an inverse correlation between cholesterol intake and cardiovascular disease, but by then no one wanted to hear it. There is also plenty of other evidence to suggest that cholesterol cannot possibly be the cause of cardiovascular disease, even if it might possibly be a marker for it. And recent data showing that cholesterol is actually part of the body’s repair process for arterial damage suggests that blaming arterial plaque on cholesterol makes about as much sense as blaming fires on fire trucks.

(The large studies referred to in the previous paragraph include MRFIT, the Nurses’ Study, the Women’s Health Initiative, and the Framingham study. The Minnesota Coronary Study was so disappointing that Keys had his name removed from it, and Ivan Franz, the other principal investigator, delayed publishing it for 17 years. The data tapes were found in his basement after his death and were returned to the NIH, where a reanalysis of the data showed a strong inverse correlation between LDL level and cardiovascular risk. While a positive correlation would not be evidence of causality, because of the possibility of confounders in the data, an inverse correlation is proof of a lack of causality.)


also follow the money. another angle that is really a big issue.
big Agri corps who produce wheat and corn and all products chemically made from those real plants…it is a nose ring that is promoted for people to ‘feel’ safe eating this stuff cause it lines big green in the wallet.

We will always be drug by the cahoonies by profit and greed and power.
Sad truly it is that way.

Even doctors who are human and ‘fall into their daily routine of practice’ don’t research enough to even pretend they see alot of real truths out there about food. Big corps make sure it isn’t out there in full force thru adverts and more…they don’t want you healthy, they require us to be a sickly population dependent on their ‘convenience super jacked addictive foods’ and then ‘go to the Doc for pills’ to correct this disaster.

bad bad bad but ?? With each of us who learn, we can tell another and thru personal experience and those who want real change, then we see real truths over all the marketing and more.

just some thoughts


Great point! I have wondered about the latter half of that statement.
Thanks for all the info.

I have an appt with my VA MD next week. VA is strictly by the CDC book. No art and science of medicine. Just follow the guidance and protocols.

Man, did I get leaned on to take statins last time I was in. Now that I read 4 more books on the topic I think I will just say I don’t want to talk about it and move on.

There was no discussion. Just the rude directive to lose weight, eat less fat, and drop your blood pressure. For the latter, BTW, here’s some pills.

The lacking concept there at VA is “Health Achievement”. VA is the opposite. Mostly “Disease Management” mentality.

Got high LDL? Take Statins. Got pain? Here, take these opioids, the Sacklers need the money. Oh, never mind you become an addict. Just take more pills.

(as the obese doctor swivels his chair around to the computer screen and enters some notations about the patient being “non-compliant”.)


The body count is being attributed to other factors. I don’t think any eating plan is risk free. Knowledge is our best defence.

I’m sure there is a saying, “Don’t wait to get sick to get healthy.” Which demonstrates a misunderstanding of the shifting balance between health challenges and health fruition. We are always a little bit sick. That is the way we stay healthy. Well, I toy with that idea.

The potential electrolyte imbalances can be a heart stopper. Luckily we have observed others take that fall and we can supplement to safety.

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Nice summery

Every time I hear this name Ansel Keys and the FDA advisories, I couldn’t avoid thinking about big changes in our eating habits during the last 50 years.


Many of the medical “professionals” I’ve heard claim this don’t know that ketoacidosis and nutritional ketosis are different animals. Ketoacidosis is dangerous.