So so cold!

(Mandy) #6

Yikes… I used the values from the keto calculators I found but I guess that’s only relative.

(Allie) #7

The calculators all give different amounts and they’re all just guides anyway. Judge by the way your body responds.

(Alec) #8

That sounds like you are eating to satiety. Good stuff!

This sounds like you have the keto flu which supports the theory that your body is just getting used to burning fat.


(Allan L) #9

I agree with what others have said here.

The only time I have gotten that cold is before Keto when I was trying a 500cal a day diet. I was freezing, wrapped up in a extra thick blanket with the heating so high and still cold. Feeling that cold is a response to insufficient energy available and screams that you are not yet fat adapted enough so your metabolism can’t access your body fat.

Before I was fat adapted I would eat 300+g of fat a day. Weight loss was not my initial goal, fat adaptation was without hunger or slowing down my already damaged metabolism.

Once I was fat adapted enough and insulin low enough to access the large amount of body fat my goal moved to weight loss. Then I was and still do eat around 120-150g of fat a day, sometimes even more.

Sounds like you are eating to support a fat adapted metabolism.

My suggestion would be worry about 1 macro, carbs, until you feel fat adapted and eat as much fat as you want. Much more than you are eating now. Protein will probably increase as you try and get more fat in but I’d not worry about it that much.

(Mandy) #10

Thanks again guys… @allan I think you nailed my thoughts. I havent added more fat as I find it really hard to get over 120g without going over what the calc stated i should be having for protein. I’ve been listening to a lot of 2keto dudes as well, from the beginning, and i hear them harp on too much protein. I’ve really been trying to get more fat from other sources than protein but that can be difficult,for me at least. I guess I need to get on the fat bomb train!!

(Allan L) #11

The science on protein has moved on a little recently especially in a low carb metabolism V a high carb metabolism.

In my early keto days I used to get that extra fat in liquid form, BPC or decaf BPC. But once adapted I quickly dropped all the extra fat as my metabolism was getting all the fat it needed from my body and now only get fat from fatty protein.

Personally I still keep protein as per the original keto % as that is what works well for me with weight loss but its an experiment.

Worry about weight loss once you are fat adapted and eat eat eat until then. A defect in these early days can cause more damage than good by slowing down your metabolism.

(Allie) #12

Only time I get really cold now is when I’m fasting which is partly why I’m glad the warmer weather is here now! :joy:

(Allan L) #13

Ditto! even the slightest breeze can send a chill through me when I am fasting. Never used to be the case when I have layers of internal insulation but since getting close to goal I feel the cold, especially when fasting.

(Bunny) #14

Hypothyroidism and Your Internal Temperature Cold fingers and toes can be a sign of hypothyroidism. Find out how to know whether you have the condition for sure?

“… “With hypothyroidism, metabolism slows, body temperature drops, cutaneous (skin) vasoconstriction occurs, and the patient may feel cold even in a warm environment,” says Harris L. Wasser, MD, an endocrinologist at Los Robles Regional Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, Calif. …”

“…A small rise or fall in thyroid levels can change the body temperature enough to significantly affect the levels of proteins in the bloodstream. …” …More


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(CharleyD) #15

That’s usually a perfect indicator. How would you feel about upping your protein?

As in forget the calculator’s result on how much protein you should have, but try to listen to your hunger for protein and eat that until you don’t want it.

(Mandy) #16

I’m open to upping my protein. It would actually be easier if I were able to eat more protein!

(Alec) #17

I also get cold when fasting. I have been fasting for 9 months now, and I still get cold. Anybody any ideas to stop this happening?

(Allie) #18

Wish I did @Alecmcq - it’s the reason I give up fasts early most often :frowning:
It’s easier when I’m not at work as I can just keep moving, but when I’m doing the office drone thing, it’s awful. I just wrap up warm and hope for the best, also drinking hot water.

(Mandy) #19

Thank you for all of this info… It’s great reading.

(CharleyD) #20

Do that then! Don’t be a slave to those macro numbers. Some days you won’t want much meat, and others… you’ll likely be compelled to finish that 2lb spare rib rack.


That’s normal. I was the same way. Make sure you have enough calories and electrolytes and just plow through it

(Bacon for the Win) #22

hi Mandy,
it may have nothing to do with your keto diet and it could be something such as anemia. It could also be a number of other things and you may want to see a doc if you don’t feel better soon.

(Mandy) #23

ha…i think I will follow that advice. you must have ESPN, I smoke a rack of ribs almost every weekend.

(Mandy) #24

Thanks for the reply. I will certainly seek some help if it continues or I experience anything else odd. I only think it has to do with the new WOE as I didnt feel this way as a sugar burner.

@ptisme thanks…i will plow on and see if it work itself out!

(Michael) #25

Hi Mandy,

How is your cold intolerance doing?