So, I tried carni for 3 weeks

(Elizabeth Stern) #22

Butter bacon fat lard ghee Tallow, use animal fats

(George) #23

Ah, I’ll try making ghee today then from the few bricks of kerrygold I have at home. I’m going dairy free for this experiment so I don’t want to use straight butter.

Silly question, but do you know if ghee HAS to be stored in a glass container? a few of the how-to articles/videos I watched all mention storing in glass container/mason jar, but I think I only have plastic tupperware ones at home

(Karim Wassef) #24

I store it in both

(George) #25

Great!, also, I don’t have a cheesecloth, would a coffee filter do the trick?

(Karim Wassef) #26

Don’t need either. Just use a spoon to remove the milk solids as it cooks slowly.

(George) #27

Awesome, thanks Karim!

(Raj Seth) #28

Carb fog? :rofl:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #29

No I don’t cheat. Lack of coffee.

(charlie3) #30

I call myself a carnivore wannabe. I did it for a month and loved the food and that was the problem. I couldn’t stop eating and gained 5 pounds before calling a halt. If I didn’t have the hunger problem I’d get on carnivore and stay on it.