So I read the entire internet... and I think I'm doing everything right... but



I was losing muscle mass when I gained the weight…

At 400 pounds, I was doing 3+ hour sessions at the YMCA almost every morning – swimming, racquetball, weight lifting…sometimes dropping up to 20 pounds of water weight during that 3 hours even though I was drinking a lot of water in between. And, without a car, I walked almost everywhere I went.

At 650 pounds, I was spending almost my entire day either in bed, my recliner, or my wheelchair. I had to relearn how to step up so I could use the swimming pool again, since it had stairs instead of a ramp. When I got out of the hospital in 2016, I could barely step over the lip to get in and out of the shower.

(Bob M) #22

Very impressive!

Disregard what I said, though. You’ll still lose that particular muscle mass, but it won’t matter as you’re replacing it with other mass.

(Bonnie Banerjee) #23

Thanks, I was doing that wrong… phew, now that’s more like it!

(Bonnie Banerjee) #24

I’ve definitely been this person before… as my reflection in the mirror improves my motivation disappears… but the diets I’ve done in the past were complete white knuckle exercises in determination… Keto is easy, the food is great, I love the NSVs… I think I’m in it for the long haul… I’m cautiously optimistic that this is a genuine lifestyle change that I’m happy to adopt. :slight_smile: