So hungry

(Chris - #22

Vitamins in meat are enough.

There’s incidental carbs in organs, meat and eggs but we don’t count them.

Zero Carb is actually a misnomer, but it’s been the name of this diet for over 50 years so it stuck.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #23

There are two possible changes that occur when carbohydrates are cooked. Caramelization occurs when the sugars in the carbohydrates are browned. When bread turns golden brown on top, it is an example of the sugars becoming caramelized. Gelatinization occurs when the starches in carbohydrates absorb water and begin to swell. This chemical change is used to make cooked sauces, breads and other baked goods. When you add certain carbohydrates, such as flour, to liquids, the heat gelatinizes the carbohydrates. This is the process used to make gravy and other thick sauces.

I never thought that it would ‘ADD’ carbs though, how is that even possible? Calories yes, especially cooking in butter etc.

(Mike W.) #24

No one is going to mention the wine he’s drinking? Give that up and I bet the hunger goes with it.


Yup. My thoughts too.

(Chris - #26

Not an excuse, I missed it in my haste to reply.

Alcohol isn’t a health food, OP.

(Roger Morris) #27

I had thought about that, but I’ve been having my wine all along on Keto without any issues, including hunger. Blood ketones usually in the 1.5 to 2.5 range.

(Elizabeth Stern) #28

you may never understand full benefits of zero carb unless you give up the rest of the plant material ie that wine. Why not try it for 30 days?

(Chris - #29

That doesn’t make a difference.


You could always switch to vodka or some other hard liquor if you’re in it for the effects and not the taste

(Joanna Parszyk ) #31

Maybe u r hungry because u consume more protein ( maybe more than your keto diet would actually require) and it is turned into glucose via neoglucogenesis?

(Chris - #32

Doesn’t work like that.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #33

OK, l was just wondering. But there is a reason why protein is moderate in Keto, right?

(Chris - #34

In order to answer that, you’d have to define “moderate” for me.

It should be kept to an upper limit if the person is diabetic, but aside from that, protein is the most satiating nutrient. It will jack up leptin levels which is the hormone that signals when you’re full.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #35

In regards to my suggested protein intake lower limit is 80ish upper 120g (weight lifting). I do keto and 16:8 for health benefits ( no depression, mental clarity etc) and hopefully l’ll manage to gain some lean mass.

When l was overdoing with protein l could easily go over 250-300 a day :flushed: l like my meat, what can l say…but l was still “pekish”…

So assuming that l’m not diabetic l can still be in ketosis and even though my my carbs are sufficiently low but protein is super high?Too high protein is supposed to be one of the reasons for ppl on Keto to have stalls or be kicked out of ketosis.

Sorry if l ask to many questions. Maybe a some links could kindly share for a person who contemplated move form Keto to Carnivore?

(Chris - #36

No links at the moment, but I can say lifting makes me hungrier. I can definitely feel it when I’m satisfied. Talking 200-450g from meat and egg sources, usually.

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Many thanks Elizedge :kissing_heart:

(Roger Morris) #40

Just an update to my hunger. Gone. On the 5th day, yesterday, everything seemed to settle in. Woke up without starving, I did have some bacon and eggs later in the morning but was fine through the mid morning. Had lunch then worked out in the evening and wasn’t really hungry for another hour so after. And, I still had my wine. :wink: I think the body just needed and adjustment period.

(Elizabeth Stern) #41