So grateful


Hello everyone. Thank you Richard ,Carl and all of the wonderful admins for this forum. It feels so right starting the year off this way. And listening to your podcasts gives me what feels like and exciting powerful strength to continue on this keto life. My favourite was the Holiday Hangout 2016 no.46 with Kim Howerton and Brenda Zorn. It was so wonderful. I felt like I was at the party. Anyway- back to the topic.
I hoped to get under 100kgs from 103 kgs by Christmas Day. That didn’t happen but it did today. Yay. I started keto 8 weeks ago as well as joined a gym which I attended 3 times a week. I was questioning the slow weight loss but I asked them to measure me at the gym and I’d lost 21 cms ( about 5 cms from waist,navel, hips etc) so that was awesome for me. Yes I may have only lost a couple of kilos but I didn’t put on any weight over the holiday period. That is a nsv! I feel so confident and I am so grateful for finding the 2ketodudes podcast. Thank you.


Welcome to the forum Julianna! You’re doing great for 8 weeks. KCKO!

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Welcome! I to am a slow loser, but those cm are falling right off, slow but still falling.

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wellcome and well done :slight_smile:


Thank you🙂