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HI All, I am Cindy, I am new here - just starting my keto journey. Love all the support you provide each other! Question…is it normal to feel so full, I don’t want to eat. I am only doing 3 meals (no snacks), lots of water. I don’t think my meals have been too big (2 scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast - then had to almost force myself to eat lunch). Any suggestions? And…Thank you!

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You’re going to have to provide lots more info to get any useful suggestions. In the meantime, cut the water. You probably don’t need as much as you’re drinking. If you’re not hungry don’t eat.

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I suspect that what you are experiencing is the phenomenon of satiation, or satiety. When insulin drops, the appetite and satiety hormones can function properly again. If you are not hungry, you don’t have to eat. You should, in fact, be able to go for quite a few hours between meals without hunger. Let your appetite be your guide and see what happens. A lot of people find themselves automatically eating only one or two meals a day, without actually planning to.


It’s very individual. Some people never could get full with a tiny meal. I had that only after very drastic changes, very temporarily. You had your probably drastic changes, that can be one reason. The other is that keto often helps with satiation a lot. Some people still can eat a big steak or 10 eggs with a lot of cheese in one sitting (and possibly getting hungry a few hours later), some people have problems with eating enough… And the majority is somewhere in-between, I guess.
Even the lots of water can interfere with satiation, it depends.

Feeling full is normal. Feeling hungry is normal. 1 meal is normal, 3 meals are normal, I consider snacks perfectly normal too under the right circumstances…
Do whatever works for you but if you eat very little for every meal, it won’t be good longer term. Calorie wise it may be okay if you have enough bodyfat but you need your essential nutrients, enough protein, for example… A tiny breakfast is okay but you probably need significantly bigger meals for the other two.

If I don’t want to eat, I personally don’t eat. I will feel the need eventually, it doesn’t necessarily happen at the same time every day, far from it. But if it results in eating 2 tiny meals instead of 3, yeah, almost-force sounds an option. But 1-2 lower-calorie days may be okay, probably most of us have them. So I think we should be flexible a bit - until it doesn’t cause problems like not super short-term undereating.

Some of us moderately quickly get hungry after a meal, some of us are fine for long. Of course, various factors may control this but it’s quite individual. Maybe you need a different timing, a different number of meals or if not now, later… It needn’t to be even fixed, our days can be different if needed (and our circumstances allow it).

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Thanks for the responses - very helpful!

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Skip lunch. Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.