Smoothie King

(Dan) #1

Smothie King now has a couple of keto smoothies on their menu (a coffee flavor and a berry). Not something I would have very often, but nice to have some options out there. I tried a coffee flavored smothie today and it was pretty good.

(Liz Ellen) #2

That’s good to know! What’s in it? Carb total?

(Dan) #3

A little carby, 14g total carbs, 7 fiber. Coffee, almond butter, almond milk, coca and protein powder.

(Liz Ellen) #4


(Pompo Bresciani) #5

7 net carbs for the coffee one! 14g - 7g fiber.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #6

Do they add fibre to their smoothes, then? Because the mixing process generally destroys the fibre in the fruit, meaning we have to count it like any other carbohydrate.

(Dan) #7

Not sure. There isn’t any fruit in the coffee smoothie.

(traci simpson) #8

I wonder if they could make it with HWC to lower the carb count?


Pretty good actually, I got the coffee one as it had the lowest carbs