Smoking the meats

(Patty W) #1

I have heard the 2 Keto Dudes (& other foodies like Maria Emmerich) raving about smoked meats & other goodies. I would love to hear other folks’ thoughts about cooking via smoking, & what smokers/related products people would recommend purchasing. Thanks in advance!

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I love smoked meats in many different forms. Everybody that smokes is going to offer up a different opinion on equipment.

I use an inexpensive propane fired smoker. You can buy smokers with about any heat source imaginable. Electric is probably the simplest but also probably the least versatile. My son has an electric and can’t get it up to temp in cooler weather. $150-$200 is probably a decent entry level price range up to thousands and thousands.


I got a 4 tray Bradley Smoker and a Green Mountain Pellet Grill with the direct heat sear plate. From growing up on Vancouver Island I’m seasoned in smoked salmon, salmon candy and upskwee, also pemmican is pretty keto’d out. For more normal stuff I do pulled pork and ribs as often as I can and use the smoker on various meats before dropping in the sous vide. I guess not really considered a smoker but i got a robata grill too which i use with binchotan that cooks meat tastier than anything.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

How much smoke do you put on before the sous vide? What meats and methods are you using? Just got my SV for xmas.


Smoking is voodoo, depending on how smokey you want it the variables are; how dry your piece of meat is, temp and thickness. I do Beef Brisket, Pork Shoulder, Chashu and Ribs in the smoker before sousviding. I usually play around with temp/time but if i were to give some advice I’d say 120-130F for 2-4 hours. Better to be on the side of not too smokey and smoke it more after the bath. You can also cut the piece in half, smoke them together, take out one and then smoke the other piece to bits before the sousvide if you want to get a better idea of your preference.

(Patty W) #6

I appreciate the input folks, thanks!

(matt ) #7

I love smoked food but if you don’t know what you are doing its easy to ruin your food. Over smoked food is NASTY.

I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker that is easy to use. (well I have 2 but one needs fixed, I better get on that) It’s in my garage so I can smoke no matter what the weather is like. I just open the garage door to let the smoke out.

I prefer to use the more understated woods like cherry and apple and pecan. Hickory and Mesquite can overpower if not used right.

(David K) #8

I like a heavy smoke on pork and chicken, less on beef.

This is a 16lb brisket on my Big Joe: