Smoked sea salt fan

(Carol E. ) #1

I love :heart:️ cooking with smoked sea salt. Any other fans?

(Jan) #2

I just discovered it - been adding it to anything that could use a little smokeless during cooking. How do you use it?

(Carol E. ) #3

I use it in savory dishes that use salt. Really good to add as a seasoning on chicken and steak.

(David Richardson) #4

I really like it in soups and for a finish on a good ribeye :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard Morris) #5

oh yeah Maldon smoked salt is soo good

(Carol E. ) #6

Use in cauliflower mash. It helps mask the cauli-taste.

This is what I buy:

(Jan) #7

I wonder if it’s as easy to make as just smoking a pile of sea salt… My awesome son-in-law is from Kauai, and his family has ancestral salt-harvesting land there. Really beautiful sea salt. (I’m so lucky!) Anyone tried this?