Smoked BWSB Jalapenos

(J) #1

Smoked up some bacon-wrapped seasoned beef & cheese-stuffed jalapenos for fellowship after church tomorrow evenin’. Y’all come on by.

Seasoned beef, with freshly grated mozzarella & colby-jack, along with some cream cheese.

Jalapenos halved and semi-cored.

Stuffed with stuff

Pig-as-blanket (as opposed to pig-in-a-blanket)

Smoked in flavor!


(J) #2

I ran out of jalapenos, so the little guy circled in red didn’t get a boat. He’s just a cheesy beef ball wrapped in swine! :laughing:


My church has coffee and Dunkin Donuts… If your church was my church, I’d probably go more…

(Joey) #4

Willing to convert. Please provide details on what I must believe - I’m in.

(J) #5

That was hilarious!

(J) #6


I mean, you ain’t gotta convert to get a bacon-wrapped jalapeño. They’re freely given. But you’re also always welcome (and encouraged) to call upon Christ, as revealed in the Scriptures, Friend. :handshake:

(Joey) #7

Many thanks for the kind gesture and words. Although I’ll refrain from getting overly dogmatic in my reply, I shall certainly invite bacon-wrapped jalapeños into my life. :vulcan_salute:

(Bob M) #8

Those look great.

We do something similar, only with chorizo or sausage, using that to stuff the peppers.

(Central Florida Bob ) #9

In the “smoked meat community” that I’m part of, these are a version of what are called Atomic Buffalo Turds or ABTs.

I usually use a mixture of sausage crumbles held together with cream cheese. I’ve brought them to a handful of family and friends get-togethers and they’re always popular. When you scrape out the seeds and the tissue holding them, you dramatically reduce the hotness of the peppers, so the people who would be terrified of eating a jalapeno usually try a tiny bite until they’re convinced the ABT doesn’t bite back and then come back for more.

Dang, now I’m thinking I haven’t made any in too long.

(Bob M) #10

So, do you smoke them over low or high temp?

(Central Florida Bob ) #11

I’ve always used low temperature, 225 or 230 measured where they are in the smoker. I’d guess that @jh5899 is smoking them hotter than the way I’ve been doing it. At least my kettle grill with indirect heat is hard to keep at 225/230.

(J) #12

I had to smoke them in two batches, and I was also sleepy, so I smoked them at a little higher temp (around 300). Turned out quite scrumptious.