Small Intestine Length

(Sam) #1

I was having a conversation with someone about the scientific aspects of eating low-carb/carni/not many veges and they hit me with a statement about the fact that humans are not made to eat mostly or only meat because our small intenstines are long (unlike a carnivores which is short) and therefore are designed to keep both meat and plant foods moving through regularly to keep it healthy. I looked it up later on and it appears that they might be right about humans having ‘omnivore-like’ intestines.

Anyone knowledgeable about this topic?

('Jackie P') #2

Actually the oppisite is true. This is the most amazing presentation that explains how our brains grew and our intestines shrank as we started to eat meat.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #3

There is a lot of specious logic out there, to try to get people not to eat meat. The biggest push behind the vegetarian/vegan movement is the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which believes that eating meat stimulates lustful thoughts.

This thinking was a large part of the impetus behind the establishment of the breakfast-food industry. John Harvey Kellogg was a member of the church and had worked for the founding prophetess, Ellen White, as a teenager, typesetting her works for publication. Kellogg and Sylvester Graham both believed that eating meat induced a tendency to masturbation that would be curbed on a vegetarian diet.