Slow down...slow down...stop!...gain weight!

(Jason) #41

I thought I would update this to see if anyone had any further insight. After a year ive gained 10kg still eating strict keto, multiple blood tests, I am not diabetic but EVERY food spikes my blood sugar massively, If i fast for 3 days I go down to about 90 at the lowest within an hour of eating a chicken breast it is 130+ have battled and got medical help, done all the tests I can everything is normal. I am happy not stressed and its took me this long to reply because I just havent been that bothered, I never got on the scales till yesterday to check what was going on, but I noticed my jeans were a little tighter.

I am going to have to start recording foods and reducing calorie intake to below 1500/day because at 1800 ish I am gaining weight, no one seems to be able to shed any light on anything, I still wont give up on ketosis 3 years now and it feels just normal to me, would just love to be able to find the missing piece of the jigsaw for this final bit of weight loss that is now 20kg instead of 10 :slight_smile: love to hear if anyone has any thoughts.

(Windmill Tilter) #42

That must be really frustrating! It sounds like you’re doing all the right stuff. Set points can be a bitch. If I recall, you started at 270lb, dropped down to about 220lb, and now you’re back around 260lbs. How long were you at 270lbs or whatever your peak weight was prior to weight loss? It can impact the durability of the set point. It’s one thing if you were overweight for a year, and quite another if you’ve been significantly overweight for decades.

Also, it sounds like you did targeted calorie restriction to drop the 50lbs. That can definitely impact metabolism, especially if you exercise a ton during calorie restriction. If I were you, the first thing I’d want to test is my resting metabolic rate (RMR). It’s possible yours is way below normal given your size and the kcals your talking about eating. You can get this tested at places like DexaFit. With a coupon (there’s always a coupon) you can get it tested for about $75.

Have you been tested for thyroid function?

(Karen) #43

I am no expert on this but I’m thinking you need to go straight carnivore. Leaning heavily on the fatty meats.