Slow down...slow down...stop!...gain weight!

(Jason) #21

What makes you think I’m not fat adapted?

(Rob) #22

You’re eating 1700 cals and not losing weight… I don’t have much information so obviously its just a WAG. When I eventually got fat adapted (about 5 weeks) my appetite crashed where it was a struggle to eat even 1200 but the weight fell off (not starvation response). Eventually I hit another IR plateau but it went easy for 30lbs.

(Jason) #23

That’s what I did 6 to 7 months ago I’ve been fat adapted since then and lost over 50 lb , extreme energy, strong in gym, 20g carbs or less per day, ketosis levels mostly 1.0 to 1.5 mmol till this last few weeks when it all changed I’d say from what I understand I’m fat adapted

(Liz ) #24

Sounds like fasting is your next step, but be sure to eat on eating days. Let us know how it goes!

(Raj Seth) #25

+1 On why Liz said. When you eat - EAT. Don’t restrict your consumption. Eat very very fatty foods. Eat real food. Pork belly, pulled beef braised in butter/tallow/lard. Chicken wings. Liver wurst. Pate.
Even hot dogs! (No bun:rofl:)

(Tracey) #26

I’m with Liz…Sounds like fasting might reset your clock…Keen to know what you do and how you go with it…

(Jason) #27

So last week I did A5 day water fast my keto levels got as high as 4.3 on the blood test strips. I broke my fast on Friday and this morning my keto level was 2.9, the lowest is been post fast is 1.1 last night. I’ll keep monitoring and share the change. I had lost 2.7kg in 5 days on the fast I’ll measure it on Friday 1 week after to see where it ends up and if my keto levels remains.

(Raj Seth) #28

and between fasts - FEAST Eat whenever you are hungry - good keto mix of course - and eat till satiety! if you are hungry couple hours later - you did not eat enough!! so eat again and learn your body’s signals.
You are feasting to give your body a chance to renovate after the demolition during fasting - if you want to learn more about this read IDM blog - all the answers are right there - FREE!


Possible bad oils? Check the label, could be problematic.

These are botanically fruits/legumes and are not ideal for keto. Many can get away with them but others find the lectins to be problematic. They are also fairly high in carbs when compared to green vegetables. Try leaving out all fruits and see if things improve. Dr. Gundry’s book The Plant Paradox talks more about lectins and gut health, I found it very interesting.


You can also increase calories minutely…I stalled out after awhile and was following the diet to try and reduce my seizures so I was being meticulous about my carb intake and macros. Weight loss was secondary to me, but was trying to figure out the reason for the stall. I was eating 1200 calories and didn’t want to go below that number, so I thought what could it hurt to try and start eating 1300 calories a day for awhile and see what happens. If I start gaining I can always go back down to 1200.

That little 100 calorie bump started me losing weight again…So it might night take an additional 1000 calories difference to start you moving again.

(Jason) #31

An update from here I gained back what I lost on fasting, I cut out the above suggestions with no changes, I have now been at same weight for over 2 months. My keto is low 0.2 to 0.6 mostly and I’ve been training 3x a week now. I’m wondering if I should cut almost everything questionable out for a while go back to real basics for caloric intake and then reintroduce things. I’m still happy with my loss but ideally I’d like to lose 5 more kg

(Hoteski) #32

Try ashwaganda drops in some water once a day. Helps me reduce my blood sugar and in turn kick-started my weightless during a stall

(Jason) #33

Thank you I’ll check that out


I saw doctor Naiman regarding my stall and he said to target protein, cut fat and of course no carbs. Taking in too much “energy” causes your body to use dietary fat for fuel as opposed to body fat. Which makes sense on so many levels.

Great video here also if you have the time:

(Jason) #35

So I have some progress with this, my weight would not move at all, so I got drastic I cut down to 5g carbs per day. I cut out all veg peanut butter dark chocolate anything questionable. So my ketosis went through the roof the first week between 3 and 4 mmol I tested 3x a day. 2nd week down to 2 to 3mmol third week now down to 0.8 to 1.0 mmol eating identical daily food still 5g carbs a day. Does your body adapt somehow and produce less ketones? My weight loss started again coinciding witu the ketosis also. I’m a bit worried as about to travel for 2 weeks but I have a plan


(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #36

What happened with this? Updates? I’m in a similar situation – Alarming weight gain

(Jason) #37

my weight changed slightly, i am 2lb less than i was when i made the last post i kept to my plan on holiday best i could i gained 1lb but could just be fluctuation. I am back on my 5g carbs per day now since i got back and will continue to monitor, i still somehow feel stuck but determined to find the solution :slight_smile:

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #38



Ive charted something similar occurring with my ketones.
I lost weight in the first 40 days and now Ive gained weight for several strait days with no visible cause.

Next thing I am trying Electrolyte Salts supplements.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #40

I’m glad you posted this topic, Jason. Hope all is okay with you. I was in a similar situation with a weight loss stall. It seems my body gets “used to” my new eating regimen and finds new ways to store body fat.

Now I’m staying under 20 gms of carbs per day and finding I’m able to stay in Ketosis. Haven’t seen the scale move yet, but I know I need to give it time.