Slide belts for those with a shrinking (or growing) waist

(Jeff Waters) #1

All, love my Mission Belt. It has no holes, but uses a slick ratcheting mechanism.

Great way to have a variable belt size without all the cracks around previous buckle positions.

(Paul A. Mastrangeli, Jr.) #2

I actually bought a few very similar to that ( but returned them because they were almost impossible to take off.

I have actually intend to order this style instead because it looks like the extra leverage from a release the size of the buckle should make it easier to unfasten:

(Tom Seest) #3

I always used bungie cords when I was heavy. I use a belt now.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

I’m still mostly wearing my fat pants. I use suspenders.

(Richard Morris) #5

I have a Queenslander kangaroo hide belt. These are made by whip makers from the bits they couldn’t make into bullwhips. Continually adjustable.

(Jake P) #6

I second Mission belts, they are great. Also a local company for me.

(Tom) #7

I was gifted a Vinincio belt for Christmas. It’s a lot like the Mission belt, and I absolutely love it.

(Jamie Hayes) #8

Should someone make a belt that enabled you to measure your waist - a very good health measurement?

(softjazze) #9

I buy 511 tactical pants and shirts… The belts are awesome! If need be, I can pull a car out of the ditch if I need with my belt…

(Paul A. Mastrangeli, Jr.) #10

Okay, so I received the As Seen On TV Comfort Click belt I mentioned above and as expected the buckle is far superior but the quality of the belt itself is far lacking. That being said, I returned the other one and am keeping these not because they are a better value but because plain and simply, if I can not take the belt off, it is not worth owning. That being said, I may buy another ratchet belt (possibly the same ones I previously returned) and see if the belt will work with these buckles (this one seems a little bit thinner which is probably due to that the belt is designed to be cut with a pair of scissors, so I will probably wait until I grow tired of it since I do not see a ratchet belt wearing out like a traditional belt would. I would go as far to say that if it does work with other belts that it was worth the cost for the buckle with the cheap belt that they included with it… lol…

That definitely sounds like a cool belt but I have had issues with similar style belts stretching out in the past (though it worked out for the person I gave it to when it was far too large for me to wear despite having gone up several sizes since initially buying it).

(Tom) #11

That’s actually one of my daily reinforcement tools: Wanna carb your face off? Touch the end of the belt and notice, and I mean really notice just how far from the buckle it is, and feel the pleasant sense of satisfaction and pride in how far you’ve come.