So about an hour after I eat my first meal of the day (usually around 12 or 1pm), I get oppressively tired. Does this happen to anyone else? :sleeping:

(Carl Keller) #2

I’ve seen this question pop up quite a bit and it remains a mystery to me. Something that you might try are eating smaller amounts and switching up the things that you eat. It might be something specific that causes your brain to produce melatonin.

(Wendy) #3

Yes! Afternoons are sometimes almost impossible to stay awake. So what I have done. Is at lunch I will have a cup of Instant coffee. And try to increase your daily fat intake. Since your body is using fat as energy. I have read it takes more energy to burn fat.

(Troy) #4

This worked for me

In addition, Try changing up the the macro routine
Change up the fats , protein and carbs. On what you eat first
Then the next meal, eat a different macro first
And so on

Weird Yes
I know :smile:

Good Luck

(John) #5

Used to happen to me occasionally during the first 8 weeks or so. Didn’t have to be the first meal, either. No idea why. Seemed that bigger meals triggered it more. Wasn’t related to carb content.

Other than “yes, it used to happen to me also” I don’t have any wisdom, other than the fact that it doesn’t still happen.