(Michelle) #1

I’ve only been on keto for about 2 1/2 weeks. I don’t think my body is fat-adapted yet, but ever since I started, my quality of sleep has been the best it’s ever been. I cannot explain how this happened. I’ve never slept so soundly in my life. Previously, I was such a light sleeper, I would wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours. My sleep was awful, maybe getting a total of 4 hours. I used to have to take ambien to have a good night’s sleep.

This way of eating has completely changed my quality of sleep. I now go into a very deep sleep, and if I do happen to wake up (maybe thanks to my furry sleeping companion), then I fall right back asleep!! This has never happened. I wake up so refreshed and ready to go.

I love keto just for this!! Now, if the weight falls off, my skin starts glowing and my body starts to chug away on ketones, all the better!!

(mwall) #2

This was my favorite effect too! It reminds me of the long forgotten wonderful sleep when I was 7-10 years old. Very restorative now. :blush:


I have long-term, horrible sleep issues getting and staying asleep and keto didn’t change that for me.

What keto did change in my sleep is needing less to remain functional and I regularly get 3-5 hours and don’t feel exhausted like I did previously as well as my general energy levels during the day being much higher than anytime before keto.

(Jessica K) #4

Same! I attribute it to less swelling and such leading to better breathing and better sleep. I kind of can’t believe the difference. I also have actually been remember dreams which is sort of odd…

(mwall) #5

Have you tried SUBLINGUAL melatonin?
Have you tried magnesium MALATE?

games changers for me… :yellow_heart:

(mwall) #6

reduced inflammation is a biggie… :smile:

Lucid dreams… for real!!! And even the uncomfortable ones. I’ve actually begun logging some and writing up some stories for the fun of it based on the improved memory of dreaming.

(David) #7

The only dream I can remember recently was me and Matthew Broderick (from Wargames and Godzilla and Ferris Buellers Day off) were talking about farts. But this was before I changed my WOE Ithink, so can’t blame Keto.


Magnesium citrate is taken throughout the day in regular and extended release form, but I’ll try magnesium malate.

I’ve used sublingual melatonin, but all the ones I’ve found are sweetened and I don’t want even the tiniest amount of sweetness, so I switched to oral.

(Liz) #9

I couldn’t agree with you more: the sleep is WAY better!!! And I find I can wake up much earlier and get moving with less effort. I never really have to worry about “being able to get up” anymore!

Not to mention, I’m actually a happy person in the mornings which was not me before keto at all!

(mwall) #10

This one has two types of sugar alcohol sweetener but not enough to cause any major metabolic issues. And it’s cheap!

This one is just one sugar alcohol sweetner and is liquid drops.

Some of them will have “vegetable glycerin” and maltodextrin which are definitely glucose spikers! But the sublingual will definitely work better. I sure hope you continue to improve on your sleep as you stay the course!!

(mwall) #11

The malate is tauted as calming and helpful with restlessness. The citrate makes my stool too soft for comfort. The malate is hard to find so I get it in the mail from amazon.