Skinny Jeans!


So I’ve never been a small girl - even in my teens, when I was rocking a solid 120 lbs, it was size 10-12. I was always curvy. I was ok with that - even I’ll admit that body rocked:)

So started keto 2 mths ago now or so - I needed a new pair of jeans, several actually, since I had none. I’ve been rocking dresses for a year or more now at least and ignoring the no pants issue. lol.

Last pairs I owned for about 5 years now – size 22. Yesterday,size 18. I know it’s not huge, but for me. it really is. I haven’t weighed myself, I refuse to measure my big girl self. - but that. was AMAZING for me to slip into those babies and not even a struggle to lie down on the bed to zip them up (us girls, we’ve all been there!)

(Laurie) #2

It IS a big deal. Way to go!



(Marianne) #4

Agreed; excellent NSV!

I celebrate every time I put on my jeans or take them out of the wash and it’s not a struggle to zip them up. Good for you!!! :blush:

(Robin) #5

Get it, girl!

(Bob M) #6