Skin issues on carnivore diet


All farms are too far away and I don’t have a car (yes, that’s possible in Germany) since I live in a bigger city. And I’d need a bigger freezer if I wanted to buy higher quantities.
Most cuts are too lean for carnivore. So I don’t feel like a “mischpaket” is a good choice in this case.


Lean cuts shouldn’t be an issue, meat is very lean where I’m from too (never seen a marbled steak, ever!) - I add butter and for a while, I used beef at trimmings I got from a butcher. “My” farm does deliveries; I don’t have a car either.


Wow, lucky! Though you can’t choose your cuts that way…
I was quite surprised the good farm beef costs the same as the supermarket one. The farm pork costs significantly more but not very much more… But if you want something allegedly better in the supermarket, it immediately costs 2, sometimes 4 times more… Chicken and eggs are ridiculously expensive if you want the allegedly best. And that’s still not home-raised. I never bought eggs in supermarket, it was better and way cheaper from houses and now the greengrocery’s… Then war came and the cheapest eggs became just as expensive as the good ones I buy, of course the latter went up too, quite seriously. It’s still worth it, eggs are awesome. People talked about expensive eggs even before the war and I, the poor one half-lived on them… Well I didn’t buy all the sodas, mineral water, overpriced treats, pancake mixes and whatever else nearly everyone buys all the time… Most people have little idea how to spare money, I am pretty good at that at this point. I never was a wasteful one and I do use my brain sometimes. It’s a principle, has little to do with my financial state but if one is poor, they better do things right. Most poor people wastes money too.

But… But good steaks are marbled… I can’t bring myself to try any as it’s insanely pricy but they are marbled here…

I have almost the opposite problem, I easily overeat fat :frowning: I just can’t buy lean enough meat :frowning: That I am willing to eat :wink: There are lean cuts but I only like one and not as much as fattier cuts… Some tasty fish could help but tasty fish is fatty :smiley: And seafood is expensive :frowning: I can buy the cheapest normal one (I mean, there is super cheap tiny fish that I consider cat food. I can eat many things but not those), it’s lean but I can add my own sauces. Cheaper than tinned fish, way less fatty and carby too, I just need to figure out how to make a tasty sauce. As some tinned fish in sauce is super good, that’s why I buy it for emergencies and pizza :wink:

Lean meat wouldn’t be a problem for me as I eat plenty of eggs and dairy. That’s why I overeat fat sometimes, it wouldn’t happen eating almost only meat. It’s very easy for me to get most of my calories and especially fat from my non-meat carni items.
As I don’t like really lean meat, the leanest pieces get some fatty sauce and they become edible and even a bit enjoyable. But fat in meat tastes so much better…