Six Months of Keto and IF

(Heath Braunstein) #1

Life changing stuff - lost 55 lbs, HAIC normal, BP normal, tendinitis in arm 95% improved, hemmoroids gone, dandruff gone - fee better at 57 than 27


(Jacqueline Porter) #2

Wow, looking good! Well done :blush:


You look terrific!! :star_struck::100::boom: Well done!! Can you share some details on your IF routine?

(Jody) #4

Wow, congrats!

(Heath Braunstein) #5

I mix up 16/8 and OMAD - also have very low (maybe 1200) calorie days and pretty high (almost 4000) - trying to cut remaining fat while building muscle now…

(Heath Braunstein) #6


(Sue ) #7

Well done, you look great!


Congrats! :+1:

(Monique) #9

Fantastic to see! You look healthy and vibrant. And very cool :sunglasses:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #10

Thanks for sharing, wonderful results!

(Jane) #11



(Carol) #12

What a win - congrats!

(Heath Braunstein) #13

Thanks all - another month in and fat loss continues - another inch off waist but lean mass increased so weight is stabile. Cutting/building days strategy appears to be working! Updated pic