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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Siobhan, talks about the woman behind the lipid geek online persona.

After meeting Dave Feldman at Ketofest 2017, Siobhan's passion for lipidology was ignited and she was driven to research all she could in a mad attempt to figure out how lipids were involved in the immune system and chronic diseases. She has since written two articles that have been published on - on plaque development and LDL
modification, with many more posts planned.

Siobhan has been keto for 15 months ,in which time she has lost over 65 pounds, reversed her hypertension and stopped her blood sugars from going out of control.

Siobhan has dedicated herself to decoding the mysteries of cholesterol and is just getting started on that epic adventure.

Siobhan’s top tip was inspired by a quote from Tripping over the Truth by Travis Christofferson -

Any scientist will tell you that theories are anything but permanent.... They are only our closest approximation of the truth at a fleeting moment in an otherwise infinite continuum of discovery.

The series about cholesterol that Siobhan mentioned was by Peter Attia on his website

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The end quote to the show this week comes from Marie Curie -

I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.

(Sheri Knauer) #2

Looking forward to listening to this episode!

(Valerie Hughes) #3

Just listened to her discussion on the 2 keto dudes podcast last night - couldn’t get any better than that. Wow! So good listened again just for the pure enjoyment.

(Mandi) #4

22?! It’s incredible that this woman is only 22! Think of what a mind like this is capable of. Fantastic @siobhan! Keep using your powers for good and not evil :slight_smile:

(Siobhan) #5

Always <3

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Enjoyed your story!!! :slight_smile: