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Daisy's latest extraordinary people, Siobhan and Dave, talk about what n=1 experiments they have been up to lately and quitting diet soda addiction.

Siobhan has lost nearly 80 pounds over the course of about 2 1/2 years, using a combination of a ketogenic and carnivorous diet. Along the way she's also found the diet improved symptoms of depression, and keratosis pilaris as well as resolved her hypertension, eczema, and chronic joint and back pain.

She now works with Dave Feldman full time, studying lipid metabolism and the immune system, along with plenty of n=1 self experimentation.

You can find her at, at her sideblog dentritica, or you can follow her on Twitter @Siobhan_Huggins.

Siobhan's presentation at CarnivoryCon 2019.

Siobhan's presentation at Ketofest 2018.

Dave is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. He began working with programming and system engineering at a very young age and has always enjoyed learning new mechanistic patterns and concepts.

After starting a low carb diet, Dave found his cholesterol numbers increased considerably. He then began reverse engineering the lipid system through self-experimentation and testing, finding it was very dynamic and fluid. He has now demonstrated this multiple times by moving his cholesterol up and down substantially. in a matter of days. 

Find Dave at and follow him on Twitter @DaveKeto.

Dave's presentation at CarnivoryCon.

Dave's presentation at Low Carb Salt Lake.

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