Side pork?

(Jessica Greening) #1

My husband accidentally bought side pork instead of bacon today. I tried frying it up like bacon bug it was sooo not the same. Does anyone have and side pork recipes they can toss at me? I have 5 pounds of it to figure out what to do with


My family has always fried it up almost crisp with salt and a LOT of pepper. Ate it with our fingers as a snack, especially on cold winter days when we would be outside most of the day.

(John) #3

Unless you are referring to a different piece than is standard, pork side is the same as bacon just not cured/smoked. You will probably have to either cure it to get it to act like bacon, or treat it as pork belly and smoke it up.


When I saw the title “Side Pork” my first thought was that this is how the bacon in my fridge refers to any bacon I eat outside of home.

The Internet, and current social expressions, have ruined me.


And, P.S., I think @jmbundy is right on this one.

(Jessica Greening) #5

That’s what I thought when he brought it home, but we buy uncured bacon all the time and this stuff does not taste anything like it!

(Jennifer) #6

I could live off pork belly - yum.

I buy it at Costco and follow this process.


You could cut the side pork into slices like bacon if not already sliced, then cut it into 1.5" squares. After that in a large pot, at least 5 quart, you brown it with some garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. I use a lot of garlic and pepper. Then chop up some cabbage, a small head will do, and don’t pour off the drippings from the side pork. Then you add the cabbage to the browned side pork. Add 2 cups of water. I add more pepper to the cabbage at this point, then turn the heat on low and put a lid on it. Let it cook for about an hour. Taste, add salt if necessary. Serve with rice…