Show me yer fappin pizza already!

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Todays Pizza was Mushroom and Spinach. I reduced the ingredients by 10% so I could get a thinner, crispier base - it worked and ahs the added bonus of less carbs.


I divided a recipe of Carlshead pizza into quarters and flattened using my tortilla press. Baked on parchment on a stone. Topped w/peppers, onion, and olives. Other topped with bacon, homemade sausage and ham. (the 4th one was already cut and on a plate to the side of this tray!)

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Meat Feast

Spicy Beef, Spicy Pork, Danish salami, Black olives, bell peppers and shallot lightly fried in duck fat and butter left to cool in said fat mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sorry what was I saying.
yes that’s it I can love again.

In and out of ketosis on blood prick on week 5-please help

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Will be spamming this thread with pizza pics for the next 11 days as I am about to do a Pizza marathon. Main reason is that due to a religious event, our house is turning Veggie for nearly 2 weeks and rather than think each day about what to make, I decided I will just eat Pizza.

Will be using my variant of the Carlshead Pizza, but would like some ideas for veggie only topping combos. I have about 5-6 in my head, but I am determined NOT to repeat any :slight_smile:

(Doug) #56

Good deal, Vijay - looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Day 1 - Went a bit traditional today with a topping of Olives, Onions, Bell Peppers and Red Chillies, topped with Mature Cheddar Cheese.

Tomorrow I think will be Mushrooms and Green Chillies and one or two other things I have not yet decided on :slight_smile:

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Day 2. Mushrooms, green chillies and spring onions with Red Leicester cheese and Rocket.

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Day 3. Mushrooms, cauliflower and green chillies with Red Leicester and a chilli and coriander pesto.

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Day 4. Changed things up today. Moved away from a Carlshead base and went for a simple base made with almond flour, flax seeds and water. Turned out crispy.

Toppings were a chilli and coriander pesto sauce, mushrooms and avocado “chips”. I need to go shopping for toppings as got one more week to go.

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I call these matt’s little uglies.

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Day 5. Hmmm. Plans went to pot and ended up having a fab lunch in a gastro pub, so not really hungry but stretching the pizza theme I used some leftovers from a baking test I did…

It still counts as pizza in my eyes :slight_smile:

(Vijay Bhakta) #63

Day 6. Back to a carlshead base, spinach, mushrooms, chillies, roasted tomatoes and garlic.

(matt ) #64

Matthead Pizza. Dare I say it?
(Vijay Bhakta) #65

Feeling awesome today after yesterdays Pizza. 24 hour fast done and still going stong decided I wanted to keep my Pizza run going so broke the fast at around the 28 hour mark with Pizza # 7

90% of my version of Carlshead as shown here. 40g of my Pizza Sauce and toppings of Mushrooms, Green and Red Chillies, Yellow Bell Peppers and Rocket. Topped with 70g of Extra Mature Cheddar and 30% Mozzarella,.

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@matt - damn nice looking pizza.

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(Vijay Bhakta) #68

Day 8 Pizza had toppings are mushrooms, olives, green chillies, fresh garlic from the garden and pan roasted cauliflower with a blend of extra mature cheddar and mozzarella.

(Vijay Bhakta) #69

Day 9 Pizza had toppings of mushrooms and green chillies again, plus red bell peppers, red onions and spinach with a 50/50 blend of extra mature cheddar and mozzarella.

2 more days to go, then I can start eating meat again/


@Vijay Can you post the ingredient measures that you used - looks delish :grin: