Show me what a 1000 calorie keto diet looks like

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Here’s a typical day for me. It was a workday: 09:30 - 18:00. So Meal 2 was my meal break at work. I have a total menu of nearly 300 items that the following daily log spreadsheets draw from for the item details.

20210426 Summary
07:00-08:00 Meal 1
13:30-14:30 Meal 2
19:30-20:00 Meal 3

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What I eat changes a lot.

Wednesday, no food. Only coffee (black), Pu’er tea (black).

Thursday: Morning: coffee with small amount cream, Pu’er tea (black). Lunch: sous vide beef chuck; olives with those red things in it (can’t remember the name now); goat cheese; salt. Dinner: steak. “Snack” after dinner: store-bought ham.

Friday so far: normal morning (coffee+ cream + Pu’er tea). Lunch: 6 egg yolks, one whole egg. Store-bought ham (spiral, $1/pound on sale). Red onions. Some salsa. Some hot sauce. Also, some whipped cream and ricotta, to finish the ricotta.

Tonight, will make 2 pizzas using a chicken crust recipe and Maria Emmerich’s 2-ingredient crust. A taste test. The chicken crust makes 3 small pizzas, Maria’s supposedly only one larger pizza. I’ve never made hers before. My wife and I will split these.

Calories, macros? No idea.

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Wow, what is your lifestyle if you decided drastically cut your diet? I can’t even imagine how weak your body must be with just 1000 calories per day. Especially on the keto diet with its low carbohydrates. I know few fashion models, but they are consuming at least 1400 calories. From where will you get micronutrients? Maybe if using multivitamin complex, but anyway, it’s not the best solution. Also, if you want to start the keto diet, set up your goals correctly - you can use the keto calculator Remember that slapdash weight loss is never an option if you don’t want to harm your body.


Why especially? Low-carb helps to feel okay with less calories than usual, at least in many cases. It’s one reason keto is good for fat-loss or just not gaining more as in my case. I need way more calories to feel even remotely okay if I consume more carbs but I am pretty extreme regarding carbs…

Some people don’t feel a problem at 1000 kcal a day but almost everyone is starving at this point. Definitely a bad idea for most of us.

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Even a single 1000 kcal meal would have me leave the table with a sad long face.

And I’m a fasion model :lying_face: