Show me what a 1000 calorie keto diet looks like


I can’t seem to get the right mix of calories and fat to meet my goals. I need some advice on what I should be eating.

Some background: I am 5’2 female and started keto in January with my husband who received info for this particular diet from his diet doctor. The diet begins with minimum 4 cups of vegetables (2cups leafy greens, 2 cups of veggies) then eat from approved no/ extremely low carb list until satisfied. I didn’t lose weight after the first week and started tracking my food intake. Discovered I was very low on fat and over protein by almost double. Reduced calories to 1500 then fixed the fat/protein issue. Startd losing at about 2 lbs a week then stopped. Reduced calories again to 1200. Lost weight for a few weeks then nothing. I was able to get in to see same Dr that helped my husband lose lots of weight and discovered that my fat free body weight is 107.4 lbs, putting my body fat at 32.5%, with a weight of 161.7. Muscle mass at 19%. (This is important because I thought i had to get to a weight of 125 but, as it turns out 135-145 is my range) I have lost 10 lbs since then on her recommendation of 1100 calories max. However, this last week was no weight loss and I just haven’t really been able to get the right ratio. Recommended no more than 20 net carbs. I struggle with being very hungry, cold, and weak. I spread out my eating to get this low and have yet to not feel hungry. So, I have been starving for the last 3 months. 30 lbs down total though so I guess it is worth it. My a1c was at 6 and I have not been anything lower than a 5 in the 15 years prior. I never tested prior to that.

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I along with probably many others, think you need to eat much more. I am mid 40s female, post menopausal, 5 ft 4 and I seemed to need to eat between 1100 to 1300 calories to lose. You should never feel hungry on keto. Like ever.

I would stock up on keto friendly snacks like meats, cheese, bone broth, organic PB, pig skins, bacon, etc. You shouldn’t snack much but by all means eat if you are hungry.

I did IF and lost 40 pounds in 7 months last year. I typically eat from 12 to 7 pm and shoot to eat 2 meals a day and 1 or 2 snacks a day. Somedays I would wake up hungry so I listened to my body. I hope some of this helps.

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Also veggies are optional, you don’t have to eat that much, but you can if you want to.


I also originally thought that was too low which is why I ended up at the Dr. I was tracking all nutrients and graphed everything (because I am a science nerd). The data revealed the same info the Dr stated with regards to calories. I am 40 years old and have two kids. Everything I learned said don’t go below x calories. But, here I am. I believe my BMR? Was in the range of 1400, which led to her recommendation of 1100 calorie max.

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You’re making KETO way too hard, don’t worry about your macros so much and keep carbs low.

1000 kcal is a young child’s amount of food. Stop counting calories because that’s not how KETO works. You shouldn’t intentionally limit calories only carbs. KETO is about healing your metabolism and normalization of hormonal responses to eating. Not limiting food like a standard diet starving yourself of proper energy. You need to get your metabolism burning fat instead of glucose. So cut down on vegetables and eat more fatty protein. You’re appetite will naturally adjust and be limited to what you need. Your hunger will lessen and you’ll burn body fat to make up any additional energy requirements. Eating 1000 kcals will put you in starvation mode and slow your metabolism to a crawl. You need to ramp it up instead with adequate fat intake so your body will start burning more calories for optimal metabolic function. At this point you can start to add fasting if you choose, it will be easier and you’ll burn body fat for fuel because you’re fat adapted. This all takes some time but it’s worth the effort. Good luck to you on your KETO endeavors. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Skip the veggies. Go for bacon eggs and butter.

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There are some very small women who feel happy and full on 1000 calories. Those women tend to weigh under 110. I am certainly not one of them at 5’4. I lost at somewhere between 1700-1900 cal at first. But until fat adapted it’s best to not even think about calories. And even later, there are lots of opinions out there. My experience is that once fat adapted your hunger signals will get better about telling you what you need, so while you may reduce the amount, it isn’t because you are counting and restricting them.

There may be further tweaks as you explore things later. I know you said you’ve been doing this three months, but if you are starving, it sounds to me like you haven’t given your body enough fuel to heal and adapt to using fat for fuel.


As of right now, I am uncomfortable going against my dr recommendation for calories. So, I guess I will keep trying different foods until I come up with something that fits. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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Dr Westman has years of experience helping people improve their health and lose fat eating ketogenicly. I hope you either take a listen Or search for his videos on YouTube. I think it will help you understand how this works better, and from a doctor, not just random people on the internet. :wink: We’ve all done a lot of research, but we also want you to do that for yourself, not just listen to us. We just feel so much better, and want you to have that too.

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Your request “Show me what a 1000 calories ketogenic diet looks like” isn’t really possible because restricting calories like you’re doing isn’t the ketogenic way and has resulted in what I quoted above. I gave a solid explanation as to why it doesn’t work. Lots of people have made the same mistake that you’re making under eating fuel. Perhaps you should do some reading on the forum about calorie restriction and a slowed down BMR. A calculator can’t determine your individual metabolic needs better than your body can. You’re hungry cold and tired because you aren’t eating enough. You shouldn’t feel that way on KETO. But hey, doctors always know best right? If you eat more for a couple of weeks as a personal experiment you might find you feel better and lose more as many of us here have discovered. :cowboy_hat_face:

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1000 cals is way too low. I mean personally speaking, I don’t think you really need to worry about counting calories in the first place.
Just keep your carb cals really low, and you will be fine.


I have approximately 60 days of trying what you explained. I have created charts showing daily inputs of everything I track and corresponding graphs to reveal any trendline relating to weight loss. (Not just calories in/out, fat and protein but fiber intake too).I didn’t just jump to 1000 calories. Initially started at 1700 then tapered down slowly after gains or stalls. I wish it worked for me the way you described. It has worked for my husband this way and she has never even hinted at calorie intake for him. I am currently working on this previous months worth of data to figure out where to go from here. I don’t trust all doctors. Far from it. However, I do have an affinity for those willing to look at my personal data and make recommendations based on my history. I really am just seeking a meal plan. I meet again with her at the beginning of next month and will have to wait for her recommendations until then.

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Hmmm. I know different metabolisms can work a little differently. But 1000 cals is like a kids meal. My GF is about your height… Well, 5’1" and she probably eats close to 1800 cals a day. She does Keto too. I’m a big 6’ guy, and I’m eating around 3000, but I rarely count anything.

I’d think their might be other things to try, before cutting your cals so low. You wouldn’t want your body to think it’s starving, and totally put the breaks on.

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You ask : Show me what a 1000 calorie keto diet looks like

I would be curious to see what your 1000 calorie diet plan looks like ?

What foods, what serving size.

There is a lot of experience here and for the most part there is very little calorie counting, because if you are eating the right foods, the calories just fall into place.

Keto is not a diet, it’s a metabolic state that happens when you eat the right foods and keep your daily carbs below 20. There are no essential carbohydrates, so don’t feel like you have to make sure you get your 20… The closer you get to zero, the more fat you will need for fuel.

If you eat enough fat and protein you will be satiated before you overeat.


Usual day starts with 2 eggs and .5 cup spinach. Lunch is 1 cup of romaine with half tbsp dressing. I make a chia seed pudding and eat approximately .5 cup. I have 1 cup of vegetables for a snack, usually cucumber or celery. Dinner is approximately 3 ounces of meat, 1 cup of lettuce, a half tablespoon of dressing, and a cup of vegetables. This provides too much protein and not enough fat. That is why I believe I am so hungry. Today I just added a tablespoon of cream cheese (yes, I am hungry enough to eat it by itself). I am just over 1000 calories with this and a high fiber drink.

  • she recommends 1100, I asked for 1000 to give me a cushion.

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I don’t understand why you are limiting your calories so much, pushing so many veggies down your throat and thinking that is a keto diet???


Do you mean why I choose to try to diet? I am at high risk for diabetes and had gestational diabetes with one of my pregnancies. Why I chose this doctor? My husband was referred to her by his primary doctor. She is an M.D. specializing in obesity. He lost a great deal of weight following this diet but with almost no restrictions beyond eating protein/fat for energy. I didn’t realize I would have so many restrictions in place after she had a chance to look at my data. I will ask her why the high amount of vegetables when I see her next month.

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I know some people worry about protein, but unlike with carbs our bodies are good at regulating hunger for protein. Not sure why you are eating so little meat. Maybe there is a specific condition your doctor is aware of that I’m not, but I’ve never seen someone eat so little meat on keto except of course for keto vegetarians. It is possible, but a lot harder to do.

Dr Westman is really among the most knowledgeable practicing physicians on the keto way of eating. Look up his “page 4”, it is the simplest most straightforward plan I’ve seen. It is more restrictive than most people here eat, but if you are having trouble it is a fantastic baseline till you figure out if you can add a few more things after that. He restricts vegetables to two cups of leafy greens, one cup non-starchy veg as a maximum with no minimum. Meat is not restricted.


I agree! I am similar just not post menopausal and I never go below 1600 kcal even when I actually lose fat as I need that amount, I already figured that out. I am 154 lbs, I need to eat about this little or move much more in order to lose. Of course, there are people with much slower metabolism but 1000 kcal is clearly very little and being hungry, cold and weak should be very clear: the body needs MORE food for sure. I wouldn’t play with my health.
If someone is “good at starving”, proper eating with some extended fasts sounds a way, way better choice. That shouldn’t significantly slow down metabolism, probably that happened here.

I would use 1200-1300 kcal at least (not tracking would be tempting too but a very good, satiating, nutritious diet is required then) and we would see… Ratios are too individual. I am fine with whatever as long as I eat adequate protein and fat and enough calories but the type of fat matters A LOT. And not everyone can lose fat while eating “much” vegetables or plants in general… Some people need to go very low with carbs or not using certain types.

If protein helps and feels good, I don’t see any problem with consuming somewhat more than needed. Especially when it’s completely unrealistic to eat only adequate protein… Almost double is okay to me but when I consider my protein intake too high, I try to focus on even fattier protein sources. It seems added fat and heavy cream works for most people, not for me but 1300 kcal is so tiny it’s probably not hard simply eating fattier meat or eggs or cheese. It’s harder with my significantly more energy intake so I simply accept my protein is higher but it works since ages. I probably always ate high protein in my life.


What. You eat little protein just looking at your day… Tiny meat, 2 eggs… How much protein do you think is appropriate for you? (I would say around 80g should work but it’s individual to some extent.)

If I had to stick to 1000 kcal, I probably would eat 4-6 eggs and some fatty meat (and probably would worry about getting enough nutrients, I never tried that low calorie, it’s probably tricky that way, I would probably add some cheese at some point…?).
I tried to make such a plan (one meal, 4 eggs, 10oz of fatty pork) and the macros are okay, at least…

Eating cream cheese alone is probably very easy for most of us :smiley: I eat anything alone except most spices and condiments, no hunger is needed for that. HWC, butter, maybe lard alone is a not very rare keto thing I guess :smiley: