Shoulder ache, need feedback

(Denise) #1

I’ve had some aching in my left shoulder, no injury I know of in my life, and no over-doing I know of with my body-weight exercises, pullies, machines at gym. It seemed to clear up when I got my form right, like not letting my arm (s) extend all the way and putting too much pressure on the rotator cuff areas. Some like the rowing pulley machine.

Anyway, today is my workout day and I’m not going to do any arm exercises, just lower body. I’m thinking whatever it is needs to rest longer or maybe heal, I hope.

Feedback welcome, and it’s a sort of throbbing ache. Haven’t felt the need for an aspirin even so it’s not that bad, just don’t want it worse.

(Doug) #2

Shoulder stuff… In November I did something to my left shoulder, unloading scaffoldiing from a truck. It hurt to move my arm left to right in front of me, and it also hurt to raise the arm to the side or front. Took 4 or 5 months for it to get better.

March or April, my right shoulder began hurting, probably due to carpentry work I was doing on our house. This was really bad at times. Same deal - hurt to raise my arm. You wonder whether there’s an actual structural injury, or will it get better on its own… It’s only this month that it quit hurting. Sometimes Mother Nature is a pretty good doctor, but one often doesn’t know. In my case, I put it down to age and doing stuff I’m not used to.

(Denise) #3

Pretty hard to heal if I had a job like yours to do Doug :frowning: Luckily, I can just avoid using the weight training that involves that shoulder but geez, I’d look lopsided then :frowning: I see why mine got worse, as I didn’t take the time earlier when I first noticed it :frowning:

So glad for you that is healing (healed) and yes, I believe in our bodies being healed with nutrition, supplements sometimes, and “lack of exercise” sometimes :wink:

(Allie) #4

My shoulder pain always seems to come from the thoracic area. Have it currently after being over ambitious on chest pressing a couple of weeks ago. Chiropractor will fix it when I see him next week.

(Denise) #5

You know Ali I really feel like I did push myself the last week and normally my my arm doesn’t bother me it did in the beginning when I first started out I think I’m just going to let it rest and not work out quite so aggressively it gets so fun I mean it’s hard but it’s so rewarding as you I’m sure know I’m going to look up that thoracic area and see if that is around the area where I have the ache I don’t know if you meant that that’s the area I was talking about or not but I’ll look it up on Google I really like your photo of you and your sweetie that’s so nice okay I’ll talk to you later I hope everything goes good at your appointment with your chiropractor I love going to the chiropractor but I don’t have one here in this town not for 8 years

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #6

You really don’t want frozen shoulder. I’ve had it twice (very rare that!) in the same shoulder.
Each time took the best part of a year to heal.

I’m not a weightlifter and too shy to start a ‘Weightlifting’ thread lol

I’ve got a daily routine with my little 5kg dumbbells, when I squat I never feel I lift back up evenly! Not once!
one shorter leg perhaps? or a weakness somewhere?

(Denise) #7

what is frozen shoulder Peter? No, I don’t want it as I would be so bummed not to work my upper body (arms and back) for that long :frowning: I looked up the shoulder area and I am pretty sure it is in the rotator cuff part. Right where this guy is holding his arm:


(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #8

Frozen shoulder is more on the top, nearer the collarbone. I don’t think they know what causes it but it rendered me with only about 25% of arm movement!

(Denise) #9

so glad you got passed that! I looked up more on the rotator cuff and I think mine could be tendonitus and hope that is something that heals :wink: I’ll be working on that for sure!

(Allie) #10

That could also be the tricep head or insertion point.
Take a few days off training that area and see how you go.
Tricep tendonitis is a thing as is rotator cuff injury - can you remember what you were training before the pain started?

(Denise) #11

I worked out on Monday, pretty aggressively, always including triceps, biceps, back muscles, also had done my floor exercises like Planks, pushups. I over-did it I’m certain, but don’t feel it’s injured, just over-use. There’s no aching/throb sort of ache, today, I’m just up early but not from that.

I’ll stick with lower body and abs, today, nothing where I am using that area at all, see how it goes. I know there’s something that flares up once in awhile, but I just hadn’t had it that bad. I don’t like the fact it flares up though, but probably just the way it’s going to be. It could be arthritis or something like that too. I do fine with lighter workouts, don’t need to push myself so hard like I did Monday :wink: