Should sodium intake vary per person?



Hi guys,

I keep hearing that we should get 5 gm. of sodium (a.k. a. 2 1/2 tsp. of salt). But I’m wondering whether this should vary per person.

I have never been salt phobic, but it seems to me that a big, tall man who does crossfit and sweats a lot would need much more than a short, small, sedentary somebody who almost never sweat - even in extreme heat.

Does anyone know the about the physiology behind this or have experience with salt being too high?

Just want to make clear, I’m not worried about the heart attack angle, I just want to get to the optimal salt and electrolyte intake for me.


(Full Metal KETO) #2

No, a 120 lbs. woman won’t need as much as a big male athlete. You should also know that you get sodium and salt from food sources too. It also kind of depends on how much water you drink. If you feel good on less it’s just fine. If you get headaches, cramps, fatigue or constipation go for more salt. Usually about 3g. fixes headaches or cramps for me. If you drink lots of water you’re flushing sodium out so find your balance. Also only a small percentage of the population are hypersensitive to salt. Too much will be passed through the kidneys. If you really overdo it quickly be near the bathroom. :cowboy_hat_face: