Should I get rid of my juicer?


I just bought a deep fryer after all the amazing posts on the #BoringKeto threads showing how good veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts are when deep fried. Problem is, I need space in my cabinets for it. Plus I don’t like hanging on to stuff I don’t use (the exception being my clothes that don’t fit anymore). I have a really nice Breville juicer that I paid a lot of money for a few years ago, and I feel compelled to keep it, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever use it again.

Have any of you found a good keto use for a juicer? It’s a behemoth and the space it takes up is like a former MVP’s hit on a salary cap. Think I should trade it to another team?

(Ashley) #2

Problem with juicers is you juice out all the fiber and good stuff in it. If you wanted to have something blended I think a blender is a much better tool cause it keeps all the good nutrients. Just my 2 cents. I did have a juicer years ago til I realized how silly it was to juice out all the nutrients.


sell it to a stranger


Thank you both! The juicer’s days here are numbered. :slight_smile:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #5

Sell it to someone convinced juice diets will help them lose weight lol.

(Mark) #6

You can store it next to my dusty juicer,toaster, panini grill,and magic bullet I don’t use anymore after I saw they blow up and chop your fingers off

(Bunny) #7

I wonder how that would work on fresh wheatgrass and fresh flaxseeds or mustard seeds?

Never had one (cost prohibitive for me) not sure how they would work on something like that?


Yeah, the thing with these juicers meant for veggies and fruit are that you need enough volume, and volume that will stick together and that you can push down with the plunger-thingy so that there’s pressure of the veggie against the blade. Good thoughts though! :blush:


Oh yeah, the toaster is on its way out too! I thought I’d have to get rid of the pasta attachments for my KitchenAid mixer until I saw a recipe on another thread recently for keto pasta that you can press and cut yourself, very cool.


kill it with fire


I love juicing but since going low carb I haven’t really seen a way I could use mine. A used quality juicer is probably worth about the same as a 15lb rib roast which could either be cut into steaks or roasted whole as prime rib…just saying.

(Omar) #12

Is there any thing called juicer shreader?
or juicer buster

That is where it belongs.


Is that like on of those Gushers “fruit” snacks? Sounds carby haha

(Millie Boschtiz) #15

Juicers are nice for canning tons of tomatoes, not an issue everyone has of course. If you don’t need it, I would suggest giving it to someone who gardens or cans food. Good juicer can be expensive.