Should I even bother with cardio?

(George) #41

Yeah absolutely, that’s a lot of joint damage over years of being overweight. Unfortunately my mom is experiencing the repercussion of this now, it’s too late for her knees.

(Karim Wassef) #42

The scale lies.
Your body doesn’t like change.

If you’re drinking water while you fast, you can even gain weight. As fat is consumed, the body fills the fat cells with water and water retention is the biggest error in scale measurements.

I can’t 2MAD. I’d rather sit down once and eat 3000 calories with lots of fat. Eating multiple times completely stops my fat loss at this point, but YMMV.

The nuts stop me every time. I can add some avocado and lettuce, maybe spinach… but I try to only go for green leafy veggies. Eggplant, tomato and onions are temptations I aggressively fight against.

(George) #43

I tried that, but I had a tough time coming up with a simple meal, higher in calories, with good macros without feeling like I stuffed myself past satiation

Any suggestions?

(traci simpson) #44

Do something fun like dancing or Zumba, or HOT yoga, swimming, power walking on the beach! heck, swing on the monkey bars! as long as its fun for you and not a chore.

(Karim Wassef) #45

Don’t eat past satiety. Why do you feel you need to eat more calories?

(Robert C) #46

No, definitely try out the cool experience. Feel what you have lost. Some high intensity training or just a few sprints - great.

I’m talking about the 5 mile jog. Whether due to excess body weight or a vest - skip that.

(George) #47

Well, it’s more of wanting to experiment rather than a need, per se’. Considering I do weekly extended fasts (at least 48 hours), and everyone says you really need to feast on feasting days to keep metabolism high on fasting days, that makes me think I’m not consuming enough on my eating days. At 239 lbs., doing around 30 minutes or so of exercise most days/week, I’m not sure that my current 1300-1400 cal intake is enough. I mean, that intake with OMAD seemed to be going well for a while, but lately I feel a bit different, as if I can feel my body slowing down a bit, not just on the scale, but more of bloated feeling.

(Karim Wassef) #48

We all hit plateaus and sounds like you’ve hit one. Mine usually happen around a weight that I had for several years at a time… body has a long metabolic memory.

If you want to experiment, I’d say extend your eating window instead of eating twice. So instead of eating 6-7pm once, try eating 4-5pm, then again 7-8pm (again YMMV). This way, you give yourself time to digest a bit and then still have a nice long fasting window of 20hrs.

Other stall breakers -

Sleep … this one got me for a while. Try to get 8hrs… no, seriously… 8

Stress … this is still a big bugaboo for me, but it’s another hard one.

Sunlight … vitamin D and NO are amazing for triggering the body to make changes.

Mix it up … fast on days you’d eat and eat on days you’d fast. Lift heavy when it expects you to go light and vice verse… surprise your body. Chaos makes it inefficient.

Fat fast cycle… protein fast cycle… basically metabolically mix things up

(George) #49

Excellent advice, thanks Karim!

I’m usually driving home between 4 and 5, but i’ll try squeezing something in around that time slot. I’ll do my best with mixing things up. I have weird OCD/organized way of planning things out so this will take a bit of getting used to, but I’ll definitely give it a shot

(Doug) #50

Well now that is mixing it up… :smile:

(George) #51

Infants… the other other white meat


(Karim Wassef) #52

Ok iPhone spell check is a beast


I don’t know your weight. height, etc., but I’m thinking 1300-1400 calories may not be enough. I was eating 1300 calories and I’m 5’4 150-160’ish pounds at the time and I was losing. I actually had to increase my calories from 1200 up to 1300 to get to losing again. I was extremely low carb at that time. Always 20 total carbs or less and still hit a stall until I increased my calories. I did not do much exercise at that time either. Just sometimes a walk on my lunch hour if I had time. Try increasing your calories…You can do it slowly like 100 calories at a time and do that for a couple weeks to see if it changes anything.

(George) #54

I’m 5’9 and currently 238 lbs.

Oh wow and only a 100 cal increase made a difference? And here I am thinking of adding another 7-800 lol.

(linda) #55

Yes!! Cardo is excellent for health and well being!! Mood, circulation, cognitive, sleep -----on and on.
What it sounds like is that you “Hate it” - so finding something you enjoy would make the experience fun - dancing - hitting tennis balls back and forth to your wife - HIIT - bilking boxing -
There is a lot of things that don’t have to feel tourtuous - (I don’t know how people run for miles on a treadmill) Good Luck with it all - but I vote yes to card :slight_smile:


100 calories made a difference for me. I was just thinking if I started out 100 calories at a time I wouldn’t risk gaining 10 lbs. back in one week, lol.

So if you wanted to start slow, it’s a thought.

(Karim Wassef) #57