Should I drink Bullet Proof Coffee

(Tracy) #21

I am so used to almond milk that half & half tastes rotten to me. I use almond creamer which is just for taste since I hate black coffee. I drink about 5 cups of coffee a day and the caffeine has never hindered me that I know of.

(Bob M) #22

To me, cream takes the “edge” off of coffee’s taste. It just tastes better with cream, and I only use a teaspoon or so of cream. But we each have different taste buds…


It’s very individual what one likes, can afford (I surely can’t afford much added fat in general, let alone in drinks! so I almost always drink very low-calorie coffee. fortunately cream is very effective, a few drops are enough but I learned to drink black coffee too, I drink that or no coffee when I fast) and how their body works.
Coffee coffeine doesn’t affect me in the usual way so I can drink it until my bedtime around 2am. I prefer not to, night is for water drinking, sometimes tea (I prefer black tea). I prefer coffee in my eating window as it’s much better with cream so in the afternoon and in the evening.
BP coffee sounds super gross to me but as I wrote, I can’t afford it anyway. Almost all my food (or drink with calories) must have fat and protein in the right ratio for me to enjoy. Every few grams of fat must be balanced out with an egg or something.

So it’s very individual, everyone should do in the way that suits them (even if it’s not drinking coffee ever). I stopped drinking coffee for a while now but I allow occasional coffee days (when I really fancy coffee, not out of habit). I started to drink coffee at 5pm yesterday and stopped a few hours later (luxurious coffee with lots of whipped cream :smiley: I can’t afford that but it doesn’t matter, I don’t lose any fat on keto either way and it’s not every day). That’s perfect for a day with a few cups of coffee for me but very much not for many others.

Getting more fat if one needs that and not the opposite like me, is easy to achieve with many other ways, most of them sounds way more enjoyable to me but I really hate fatty coffee (some butter isn’t so bad but not good).
All my food is fatty protein, it’s perfect as long as the amount is right too. It’s a bit weird to me to drink fatty coffee and eat too lean protein as some people do but if they love lean meat or the fatty coffee works as a quick breakfast and the nutrients come later or have some other good reason for it, I can understand. Each to their own.
People who doesn’t need it and doesn’t like it, shouldn’t drink it.
And we don’t need to meet some specific fat macro either. Not even a small range. I am sure many people add fat for that purpose even if their normal fat intake isn’t too low for them but a calculator said a fixed, higher number. Or they follow percentages, like 75% fat, I see that all the time. I would hate that, mine is 65-70% and it’s okay (it could be a big range but my taste demands just this small one, preferably for all meals separately, maybe a tad higher but 75%? hell no, I am a hedonist, not a masochist).

So, we can’t answer this in general or specifically for you, @Richard_M. Think about and/or try and decide :slight_smile:

(Jack Bennett) #24

As with so much of this stuff, the answer is “it depends” or “try it and see what happens.”

I assume that “twice a day” means two cups at different times … perhaps early morning and late morning, or early morning and early afternoon, or whatever works for you. But it depends on which particular source or authority is suggesting twice a day.

If you normally drink coffee morning and afternoon, you can probably get away with it in terms of quality of sleep. If you aren’t used to drinking coffee in the afternoon, I wouldn’t start with BPC as it might keep you up at night. (Alternative: try it and see what happens. Preferably not right before a day when you need to be sharp or have early morning responsibilities.)

The original Bulletproof book/recipe/legend from Dave Asprey claims that BPC will satisfy you for 6-7 hours. I did not personally find that to be the case. I would typically drink it around 6 AM and would reliably start to get hungry for lunch at 10:30 or 11 AM. I personally find that drinking only black coffee or water in the morning makes it easier to fast later into the day. But everybody’s different so you have to experiment and find what works best for your particular body and mind.

One thing that I think it helped with is psychologically training me to let go of the “low-fat == good” dogma that we were all fed along with the food pyramid. Drinking 700+ calories of delicious fat every day and still losing weight is a fun thing to do, at least for a little while.

Another psychological factor is that it’s a repeated daily ritual. It acts as a reminder. Every time you prep your BPC, you’re reinforcing your identity and status as “one of those crazy keto diet people.” Rituals can be very powerful at keeping people on track with their habits.

For many people as they get closer to goal weight / ideal weight, it is one of the first things to go, because it really does deliver a huge amount of energy with and zero vitamins or minerals. Unless you really need high ketone supply for a therapeutic purpose like epilepsy or neurological disease, you can stop it easily enough.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #25

I never drink black coffee. Although I love coffee, to me it’s just the delivery vehicle for my keto mix. I drink my keto coffee once a day as my first meal of the day. I have no desire to drink it later in the day.

(UsedToBeT2D) #26

Yes. If you like it.


If you want to drink it, drink it. I used to drink it a lot when I first started keto. I’ve been considering adding it back in. If you’re a saturated fat chaser like me, it’s a great way to get in plenty of butter.