Should I count protein from vegetables (broccoli)?

(L B) #1

Should I count in my macros protein from vegetables? I’m not talking about soy but broccoli, lettuce etc which have proteins. Let’s say I eat 1 kg (2 pounds) of broccoli raab I would have eaten almost 30 grams of protein which is a lot I think

(jilliangordona) #2

That would also be about 60 carbs. Why are you eating so much broccoli?

(L B) #3

It was just an example. Let’s say I eat half of it, it’s 15 grams of protein. Should I count it in my daily macros?


I’m curious to see answers to your question. For me personally, I don’t count veggie proteins, because they are not complete proteins.


Yes, the protein from vegetables counts

(Solomom A) #6

Even 1 pound of the vegetables may kick you out of ketosis not because of the proteins but by having too many carbs.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #7

I’m also interested in the question!!!
Yes, it is well known fact that too much carbs (and let’s remember that the tolerance limit is different for everybody) will kick you out of ketosis. Also too much protein will do the same. I happen to be someone who tries to build up some muscle but still needs to stayl in a ketosis state so l’m cloys watching both.

Now are proteins from mushrooms or broccoli are equal, have the same effect on the body or have the same impact?

Many thanks if someone has some knowledge to share :grin:

(Chris) #8

Not being in ketosis an hour or two out of the day isn’t going to hurt your progress too much. Yes, count the protein from plants, even though they suck. :slight_smile: