Should carnivore be the starting point?

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Mikhaila Peterson and Paul Saladino also.

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You might the videos on @amber 's you tube page from Carnivore conference interesting too


Can tinnitus be regarded as an “-itis”?

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16 months carnivore here after 2 years of strict keto. Knowing what I know now, I think that so many of what carnivores described as adaptation symptoms may possibly be related to oxalate dumping. If I had to do it all over again knowing what I know now, I would probably have taken 6 months to slowly reduce my oxalates before going full carnivore. Don’t get me wrong, I was starving on keto and I can see carnivore or something close being my final landing place.

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Yes it can. Don’t remember the exact podcast, but one person with like 10yrs of tinnitus reported even his doctor was shocked it went away with his dietary changes. Although his doctor was not attributing it to that…

Just FYI, I got an immediately improvement in my psoriasis (stopped bleeding) when I cut nightshades (tomatoes, especially). But after that, it SLOWLY got better as I got healthier and the longer I went. I would say it was 80% cleared in a few MONTHS, and by the 6 month mark was 90% and now is undetectable.

So evaluate yourself FIRST as to how bad it is, scale of 1…5 type of thing. And track the progress daily. I believe it will reduce before it goes away.

I’ve had itchy ears (candida overgrowth, for sure) and that is 99% gone, and I have far far less ear drainage… Still some. But I still eat things I am finding out I should not!

I would say it’s worth a try, and again, at least 28 days.

Let us know how it goes!