Shawn Baker


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Daisy's latest extraordinary man, Shawn, talks about how following a carnivore lifestyle has greatly improved his health and fitness.

ShawnBaker, MD is a doctor, an athlete, a father and a proponent of the carnivorous lifestyle. He cohosts the Human Performance Outliers podcast with Mike T Nelson and has a huge long list of notable achievements which you can check out at


World Carnivore Tribe Facebook group

Instagram @ShawnBaker1967

Twitter @SBakerMD

Human Performance Outliers Podcast

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(bulkbiker) #2

Wow you got to chat with the Doc… !


I did. Face to face too :slight_smile:

(charlie3) #4

Shawn and Zak’s Outliers youtube interviews are my favorites, even when they are rough around the edges. Sometimes their questions are so long they end up interviewing themselves I call them Batman and Robin.

What Shawn Baker has accomplished athletically while eating zero carb makes it hard for anyone to ignore the possibility that the low carb people may be on to something after all.

(Herb Martin) #5

I like to think Shawn Baker is a friend of mine but we really only chat on Twitter (most days).

(bulkbiker) #6

Did he give you a big bear hug?


No, I missed out on the hug :frowning: Way too shy to ask!