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Please post all things Sharon and her epic pie failure. Sharon needs to go keto! But seriously, I have not laughed so much in the last 2 days. This is the original post and I will fill the replies with the rest of the gold content! Please add any you have!

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Yes, really funny. Thanks!

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Thanks for the tip!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: dome of those comments are priceless!


Thank you :smiley: It was quite funny, cheered me up!
(Poor pie though :cry: But something good came out of its tragic accident.)

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Christmas 1973, Sharon gets an Easy-bake Oven had me cracking up! I’m still chuckling about it. :joy:


KD that was funny as heck!

Still cracking up

Thought for the day for carnivore-----DON’T BE A SHARON with your meats!

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I needed a good laugh, this delivered. Thanks.

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It’s wonderful :rofl:
If a meme is still fashionable, people make it about Sharon.
If a meme ever got boring, people make it about Sharon and brings it back.
It seems slowly every meme will be used for this…
And new ones get created…

Wow, Sharon made a big boom meme wise and I am sure masses got a bit more cheerful because of her (and the witty roasters). Oh poor pie that I already mentioned before, your sacrifice might be without consent but it wasn’t in vain!!!

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:joy: I told my niece that today. She said “more memes?” I said “it will never end and I’m here for it all :joy::joy:” I seriously haven’t laughed this hard in ages!!

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