Sept. 2022 Maintenance


Sorry to hear this Collaroygal. Hope DH is ok and that things settle down soon. :hugs:


Oh I hope things will get as good as they can in this situation soon! (I don’t know much about stents.)

Fun? Not me, my last living blood relative, my aunt died yesterday (or the previous night), I didn’t want to mention it but if we are at the topic of negative news, I can’t stop myself…

I don’t feel I am in a big risk of overeating right now. But I eat well enough, it’s important. One meal a day sounds good, it takes a long time to get enough appetite (like zero, that works) to be able to eat every day. Food is just far away from me now though cooking is a nice semi-distraction.

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So sorry to hear that. Talk about stress and cortisol levels … YIKES!!!

Prayers for you both.

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Sorry for your loss @Shinita Just remember the good times you had with her.

@CFLBob, yes, stress is still a bit out of control. But I am doing better now that he is home. Lots of adjustments. We got several lectures on eat your fruits and veggie, no saturated fats, etc. They also were down on salt, guess they don’t bother learning anything. I did win with the statin they are giving him, it is water soluable, and is the safest variety. But if he gets the muscle pain issue again, he tried them years ago, as high chol. runs in his family, but could not tolerate them.

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Time for October’s Maintenance … closing this one down.

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