Sebaceous Hyperplasia


I’ve had a small patch of this (7mm diameter) on my face for 10 years. No biggie as it’s not really noticeable and skin coloured. I’ve had it monitored for 8 years by a Derm as tiny other ones on my forehead looked to be starting but never grew.
Just come out of Derm appointment and the new ones have gone and the original 7mm one has almost vanished! Doc thought I’d used Retinol but I haven’t in 6 years!
She thinks it’s KETO related!
I’m very, very happy about this and certainly wasn’t expecting this result!
Have a lovely day folks!

(Robin) #2

I don’t know the medical term for the rathe rather large dark circle I had on my cheek for most of my adult life. But after several months on keto, I noticed it was barely there. Now it is gone. So are most of my other “age spots” or liver spots. Just poof… gone. I do also take collagen and I have heard this may help.


That’s brilliant, it’s incredible! Did you notice them fading or realise after they’d gone?
I’m not supplementing anything other than long term vit D3 so I think it’s due to this new WOE!

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It probably is. There are certain skin problems (tags and a condition called acanthosis nigricans) that are caused by insulin resistance, and they clear up like a charm on keto. Someone also mentioned liver/age spots clearing up, which also happened to me, not to mention a couple of keloid scars I had, that softened up and got smooth.

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It’s crazy really… that large facial spot was a big deal to me. Always trying different makeup secrets and lightening products.
But somehow I didn’t realize it was gone till it was gone! go figure.


:joy: Same here! It took the Derm to ask what I was putting on it to realise I hadn’t noticed it going!
It bothered me more than I realised because now I can’t stop saying ‘See ya!’ to it!

I don’t want to start another thread but something else remarkable has happened, my jeans fit! :grin:

(Robin) #7

Now, THAT is absolutely worth taking notice of! :heart:


I’m astonished!
Robin, will I really be able to eat fried breakfast forever or is this a dream?