Seaweed noodles?

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Has anyone tried these? (Sorry, can’t seem to post a link to Amazon today.) I love the Asian shirataki noodles in Japanese food, but the “miracle noodles” stop up my plumbing horribly. Ordered glucomannan powder to make “hobbit” noodles with the same effect. So I’m looking for an alternative for soups, ramen, etc. And I saw these in a Keto cookbook. But can only order several packs online, and nobody carries them locally. Anybody have any feedback?


Seaweed noodles are very al dente, and have a bit of a crunch. I prefer using them in Asian type cold noodle and vegetable salads, with Asian vinaigrette. I slice vegetables, like zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage and bell peppers very thin (julienne), so that they blend in with the noodle theme. Add Asian vinaigrette, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts (optional) and sliced cold meats (chicken, pork, beef, etc).

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That sounds delicious. Thank you! Have you ever cooked them? I can’t find the recipe I was reading, but I’m pretty sure they used them in a hot soup. I might just order some, 'cause the noodle salad you describe has my tastebuds tingling.


They are flexible and ready to eat…no need to cook them really. You can add to soup, or stir fry with them, so that they can pick up some flavour from surrounding food.

Seaweed noodles have that wonderful crunch, and so that’s why I would rather use with Asian cold salads. I’d rather make them the star of the show with their unique character being celebrated.

By the way, I forgot to mention, that to cold Asian salads, I find a bit of sliced green onion and chopped cilantro adds great flavour, too. If you are not fond of cilantro, try a chopped blend of parsley and basil instead. I hope you enjoy.

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Do they taste fishy?


No, they are tasteless really. They pick up taste from whatever you dress them with. They are different from Konjac noodles.

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That’s encouraging. I am not a fan of nori or other forms of seaweed. So fishy smelling. I will try to find seaweed noodles. Is there a brand?


I’ve had success with the Sea Tangle brand.

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That’s the brand I was looking at. Good to know!

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