Seasonello salt?

(Ivy) #1

Does anyone know how much iodine this salt provides? Cant find it anywhere.
The red jar or the blue jar–please share which one you might mention.
Seasonello course enriched iodine salt.

Or how much is in your iodine product you use?**

(Polly) #2

As you cannot possibly know how much iodine your body needs, why does it matter how much iodine is delivered by this salt?

(Ivy) #3

I was educated on a need for iodine if you are keto no matter what. Are you saying this is wrong?

(Polly) #4

Are you saying that you know how many micrograms of iodine your body needs each day?

(Ivy) #5

Im 100% non-pescatarian

(Old Baconian) #6

Why don’t you try contacting the manufacturer directly? Their Web site might contain the information, or their customer service department should be able to provide it.

(Ivy) #7

That info I have not found, for a contact.


Seasonello is made by Caber

your red label salt is listed under products.
body needs about 150 mcg per day for iodine for optimal
but of course thru other foods we are eating your salt won’t be the end all to your intake

research and see what its values are from Caber and you know then.

(Ivy) #9


I mean I might rather just use something that someone else uses for iodine, such as what is popular among other users. Need help here.


use what you see fit, I gave you the info…go find you in all that for the product you want for your needs.

(Ivy) #11

I already contacted them. Just a heads up: I was asking what others use and know is useful

(Old Baconian) #12

So if you were already getting the information direct from the source, you didn’t need to ask us then, did you?

(Ivy) #13

I dont understand what you mean. I asked them after I got the contact info from a member, after I couldnt find it on the company website, so I couldnt have had that info beforehand


it is ok
get your info from the company you contacted
no ONE worries about idoine cause others eat foods that contain it like seafood and of course many use regular ol’ salt that contains iodine but IF YOU want more iodine info on your personal body you got get tested from a Doctor and find more info about this issue that might be pressing to you :slight_smile:

but asked and answered in my book and while others have info on this, iodine is not a ‘huge factor’ ever in our lives that it becomes a ‘keto plan issue’ so our info might be more lax to you…again go to a doctor and get tested and learn more about your personal needs.

Iodine is a natural low form ingredient we require but no one has big issues, thru years of being on forums and years of Paul and others living this keto life doesn’t ‘come into play’ unless you are one who truly requires bloodwork and more and have iodine issues ya know :slight_smile: This is where you do you for your personal comfort and knowledge.


I would recommend salting your food to taste. If you think there is an electrolyte imbalance, get some lite salt and use that.

For iodine, I use a few drops of this:

J.CROW’S® Lugol’s Solution of Iodine 2% 2oz


I also also use J. Crows Lugol Solution of Iodine 2%. I take 1 or 2 drops daily. But everyone should figure out what they need or what they personally feel comfortable with themselves. This is not a recommendation on how much to use. :grinning: