Scientists blame working mums for UK’s child obesity


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I’m just the messenger
Blaming mums. Oh boy

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For you youngin’s, Saturday Night Live, back in the Paleozoic era, had a comedian, Jon Levitz, who would play a pathological liar. He’d come up with new excuses, repeatedly and comically so. Just like the defenders of the SAD diet. This was his tag line, and what played in my head when I saw @Tmdlkwd’s post, blaming a new group of blameless people for their bad advice.

Yea… that’s the ticket!

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Well that sure is convenient. I mean, the study could say that the food industry makes it really convenient for mums to feed their kids carbage and next to impossible to feed their kids quality nutrition. Or the study could blame the politicians and scientists who take money from the food industry to promote the carbage diet and make it next to impossible for a single, working mum to feed her kids quality nutrition.

But hey! Why use all of those word and accurate ideas when you can just boil it down to “It’s the fault of the working mothers!” Or even more simply: “Damn those working mothers!”

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Parents ever wonder why their children are bouncing off the walls or depressed, after they eat or drink processed sugary drinks, foods and candy?

Look no further than the amount of sucrose and fructose being consumed for obesity in children?

Who should we blame?

Don’t ever blame the food manufacturing industry?

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With rare exceptions (where the father died or cannot be determined or located) - I would say that the father carries exactly 50% of the blame for this sort of thing.

Also, the title “Scientists blame working mums” is click-bait (scientists tend to discover things, not blame) and leads to an advertisement heavy page. I wonder if that news site is reputable at all?

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It is difficult to blame the food manufacturing industry on a news site as they pay the bills.

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Jon Lovitz haha

It’s my thread
I’ll hijack it now

I HAD to go watch his guest appearance Or my classic Friends Episode!

“ Smack my arse and call me Judy “:joy:

The one stoned guy episode w the munchies

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Holy crap, thanks for the blast from the past. I’m gonna be hearing that voice in my head all day: “Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

In other news, I’d like to see the “experts” take over for the moms for a month–in the same house, same kids, same schedule, same salary, same stores available–and see how they fare.

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Totally agree - a month of “doing” would surely open their eyes.

Also agree with the quoting of experts - they seem to use the term rather loosely!


Sounds like the New York Post of the U.K.

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As a mother of 4, I was blessed to be a stay at home mom. I saw it as my duty to save money to cook real whole food meals.
To have done all that work after a whole work day would have killed me! I worked a few years with two kids still at home. At this point they were teenagers and were required to help with meal prep and cleaning.
To do with small children and no husband is so hard. But we cannot use food as a babysitter! Some people do this, regardless of marital status. And for those children I am sad.

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The Daily Mail is about as reputable as the National Enquirer.


Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee newsssssss!

“a study done by university bla bla, results are that sugar isnt the problem, you are!”


He was great here, too :grin:


My friend has two kids…the 7 YO has gotten quite chubby in the past few months. We were talking about how to tackle this-you can’t control food in school, you can’t really control grandparents (we would all like to have options, but sometimes you just don’t) and the question of has he already begun emotionally stuffing his face?
You don’t want him to start having food issues like we all do/did, how do you educate him to make better choices and navigate through all the bad food around him… it was hard enough for us, as adults, to kick ourselves in the butt and change our lives.

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At least 50%.

Even if the problems in the relationship could be equally attributed, leaving one person to do a two person job is a pretty crappy thing to do.

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The food industry only responded to government guidelines as far as I can tell. I would go and blame a specific Senator who said that we couldn’t wait for actual scientific proof and should just go ahead and implement what has turned out to be the biggest diet experiment in history!

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If the Daily Mail told me my name, I would have to double check my birth certificate - it and it’s sister paper, the Express, are the most awful example of so called journalism available in England.
They both have an agenda against women, minorities and the working class and quite frankly should only be used to line litter trays *ends rant

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Dafuq. Popular science writers are the WORST, add to that THE MAIL. The research does NOT speak to causation. And the authors have had to take to Twitter to defend what the research really says. Their research doesn’t blame mums. It defends mothers, engagement of fathers, and support of families.

God this frustrates. The headline is a call to misogyny.

Women who stay at home to raise their children are later discriminated against in employment. Most countries don’t even have parental leave policies in place. (I live in Germany. It’s great but there are countries where it is even better.) Place atop that the HEAVY IN-YOUR-FACE MARKETING of the fast food and food delivery companies which, coupled with crap dietary policy, that pushes working people to see “convenience” as better. UGH!