Scared Keto will be another yo-yo diet to add to my long list


(Randy) #21

In the early days, I watched a lot of videos on Low Carb Downunder’s YouTube page. What I learned was essentially that all of the processed carbs that make up so much of the standard American Diet (SAD) :wink: are not really even food. No nutrition at all. Just pure energy from sugar.

I watch co-workers munching on crackers, cookies, bagels etc all day, and instead of feeling deprived, I feel bad for them. They’re hurting themselves by spiking their blood sugar and insulin over and over all day long.

Understanding the science behind LCHF has kept me highly motivated.

That, and I’ve lost 150 lbs in 20 months. :sunny:

(Diane) #22

I second the notion of reading The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. It explains the science of a ketogenic way of eating really well without being overly technical, in my opinion.

I’m 14 months into my keto journey. I’ve lost about 90 lbs with about 110 to go. No yo-yo-ing here (okay a few pounds here and there, mostly due to dehydration and rehydration which happens more easily when eating ketogenically). It gets easier and easier to stick to the basics (avoiding sugar, grains and starches, etc.) the more careful you are and the longer you go.

I’m not sure I’ve ever lost this much weight before. but I’ve come close. It’s never been so easy to keep it off. My appetite is not out of control.

Find and focus on all the wonderful, tasty food you CAN have with keto (that you’ve eliminated when trying other diets in the past) and you’ll find you miss the stuff you are eliminating/restricting less and less over time. I found a real turning point in my food choices (missing bread and French fries, much, MUCH less; for example) at about 5 months in.

Good luck! Let us know how you’re doing!

(Jennibc) #23

Exactly! I easily bypassed cake on my recent birthday which is a first I believe. Well maybe in my super slim early 20s I might not have had any, but seriously, cake was may favorite food at one time! What’s interesting is I gave up grain without going keto several years ago but still struggled to bypass it over the years. After upping my healthy fats three years ago, it became easier, but still occasionally the challenge. When I finally cut out sugar 9 months ago it’s been easy to follow to say no and not cross any lines. I didn’t start out wanting to do keto, I just fell into it by tweaking my diet over time. I didn’t even know I was doing keto until someone asked if I’d watched “The Magic Pill” because it sounded like that was how I was eating. My gradual elimination showed me that I needed to have all three in place to make this easy and sustainable.

(Misty Torrey) #24

I can relate. My story is long, but I hope it helps you see how keto is different.

At 18 and 170 athletic pounds (I was a swimmer) a college nurse suggested I diet to lose weight bc I was obese. I could eat what ever I wanted but no more than 30g of fat a day. I lived on sugar.

From there my weight went up. I went from diet to diet. I tried them all. I spent thousands on gimmicks and programs and meal plans and gym memberships. I would lose maybe 30 lbs and gain back 40. I spent years denying myself food and then bingeing once I could no longer maintain rigid control. I counted points and calories and drove myself and my family insane at meals bc I had to calculate 3 days worth of math just to eat one meal. I felt like a failure and I felt deprived. Then I read a book about letting go of the diet mentality and practicing intuitive eating and body positivity. I decided that I had been fat for from age 18 to age 40. That was just who I was. I would embrace it and stop vilanizing food. So I dove in.

That was fall of 2017. I reached my all time highest weight. I ate oreos and pretended that I wanted them and I wasn’t bingeing. I lived on cereal. I was being intuitive and my body wanted these things. I had high blood pressure and felt like total crap. In Jan of 2018 we switched fertility clinics. You see, I had been trying to have a baby since 2015 after my daughter was stillborn. I had multiple losses after that. My first clinic did minimal testing. Gave me some meds. They failed and basically washed their hands of me.

I did a phone consultation with my new clinic on Jan 5. They tested everything and found hypothyroidism and put me on meds. The doctor told me they recommended that ALL patients do keto. I knew what keto was and I was MAD! I threw a full on ever loving temper tantrum. How could they possibly want me to give up entire food groups? How could this be healthy? This is undoing all my “hard work” with intuitive eating and body image. How DARE THEY?!

I texted my bff ranted at her. Told her what keto was. She told me to suck it up and do it. I messaged my sister and ranted. She said suck it up and do it. I yelled at my poor husband. He said suck it up and do it. So I did. I sat down and watched YouTube videos and holy crap! The logic and the science smacked me in the face.

So I started. That very day. I haven’t looked back. I felt sooooo good so fast. Migraines that had plagued me since 8 years old. GONE! Almost daily regular headaches. GONE! My moods were so stable. I didn’t feel constant highs and lows with blood sugar spikes. I kept reading and watching and then found 2 ketodudes podcasts.

The next thing I knew I was eating intuitively. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full and unlike being carb burner, I actually know when that is. I feel so free from food anxiety and the diet mentality. So many plans will say, this isn’t a diet it’s a way of life. No. Keto is a way of life. This feels like who I am. Just like when you are a vegetarian, it’s just who you are.

Keto has changed my life. I am off blood pressure meds. I have lost 75 lbs in 10 months. Just not have a freaking headache every day or a migraine every few weeks is enough to keep me keto. I didn’t get my rainbow baby, but I am so, so, thankful for CNY fertility and them setting me on this path.

You can do this!! It is worth it! Like others have said, look around here and see. Start reading the science and listen to the podcast. Check out Dr. Berry and Dr. Annette Bozworth on YouTube. Casey Durango of go keto with Casey is also excellent. She follows Dr. Westman’s protocol and makes it very simple. Keeping it simple at first is so very helpful. Keto doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t require meal plans and shakes and 6 day a week work out subscriptions.

(Carl Keller) #25

Great video

(Elizabeth Howard) #26

Give up certain food groups? Bread, sugar, potatoes, candy, desserts, packaged food, fast food ? Seems like a no brainer but is it “easy” should be your question. Is it worth the sacrifice? You bet!! Is it easy at first? Hell no!! After three months I no longer want these things. I was a bottle of wine a day drinker and now I can’t stand the smell of it. Stick with the community. See how other people fight cravings. Practice them. Once you FIGHT your brain you will realize these foods are consuming you when you consume them. You can consume victory instead. I ask myself " Do you want it ( meaning a healthy and lighter version of yourself) or not? Stick with it. When you do fall off the wagon ( which you will from time to time) get back on the horse immediately! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it NOW! Don’t beat yourself up.