Scar tissue and keto question

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Hi All,

This is perhaps not a keto question, but it might be. A member of my family with childhood scar tissue started to magically clear up after being on Keto for five years. It took three years to clear up. This is great.

But, and here is always a but, another relative, not on keto, has all kinds of scar tissue from a surgery. It is making her life hell.

Does Keto have anything to do with scan tissue? There is a lot more collagen being consumed in keto. Maybe?

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(Tracy) #2

I don’t know the answer about scar tissue, but I’ve had all sorts of things clear up after Keto. My menstrual cycle regulated (first time in 30 years), I had a bunion on my foot that stopped burning, my rosacea went away, and my hip doesn’t ache when it’s about to rain. Those are just the strange ones I can think of.

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Magical, 5 years? Not Keto. Maybe magic

(Allie) #4

Maybe autophagy? I don’t know, but could fit I guess. I have loads of scars still, mostly covered with tattoos though.

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I had several arm fractures operated on, about a year before I went keto. A couple of the scars became minimally visible right away, even before keto. But one scar in particular is now a lot better. Is that from my keto diet, or simply from the passage of time? I couldn’t say. What I am pretty sure of is that the improvement didn’t result from using Vitamin E or that silicon ointment, both of which I tried, to no effect.

It is possible for autophagy resulting from being in ketosis (and from fasting) to reduce scar tissue, at least somewhat. Whether autophagy could have a noticeable effect on keloids is a question to which I don’t think anyone knows the answer. My guess would be that even with regular scar tissue, the process would take some time, quite a long time with keloids.

ETA: I just remembered that the accident that caused the bone fractures also left me with a very small keloid bump where my left elbow got scraped, and it slowly started to improve, beginning about six months after I started a ketogenic diet. I just realised that it is now completely gone, after three years. So perhaps the improvement in the surgical scar I was so concerned about could also be from eating keto, who knows?

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Hi Paul,

Thank you!

The issue is this case is internal scanning from plates and screws first being inserted, then removed after a period of time. Did you notice any difference in internal scarring?



I don’t know why it helps scars,but it has made a lot of my childhood scars I hated go away, a couple are still barely visible, but not as noticeable as before. I also used to grow skin tags and that doesn’t happen anymore, even have a small mole that used to be brownish that is now see thru, still there, but no coloration at all.

In addition to keto, I do fasting mostly IF, but monthly do an extended fast as well , so autophagy might play a role in all of this.

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I think, and I am no dr, but fot me my inflammation greatly decreased going keto. I wonder if that contributes to scar tissue? I had a bone spur taken out of my shoulder and suffered with scar tissue several years and after keto it cleared up a lot.

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Maybe helpful…

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Internal scarring? I never checked that out, because the hardware is all still in there. One joint has something like 37 screws in it, probably more (a resident and I were looking at the x-rays one day, and ended up counting them). The other two joints have fewer.

Unfortunately, in my case, I am not likely ever to regain full mobility, even with the hardware removed, but the good news is that I am extremely fortunate to have as much mobility as I do. I was fortunate to have superb surgeons.


Acetone(ketone) most likely breaks down fibrotic tissue.

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Paul, I don’t know your story but that sounds like one helluvan accident! I’m impressed by your positivity

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #13

It was by no means a fun experience, but there were a lot of blessings along the way.