Saving people's lives!

(James Studdart) #1

I am really pleased about the evolution of 2ketodudes, Keto was something I did before the podcast, and it was amazing to see names I knew from another podcast joining my team :slight_smile:
Since the podcast and now the forums I have got 2 people over to Keto. The first has managed to control her ADHD, to the point that it’s nonexistent and she no longer needs the meds, and the other is doing it for weight control, the mental state and feeling good. I count those as victories!
I started a new job this week, it’s only day two. They have a ‘fat’ club, so I have got straight on my soapbox to explain what I do and what Keto is.
I’ve got 3 people interested, they have links to the forum, and to the podcast :slight_smile:

And tonight I’ve been approached by another friend who wants to know more about it.

And it’s this horrible before and after photo (first is Xmas 2015, second is just before Xmas 2016) that is making people want to go Keto, who ever thought my ugly face could help people for the better.

Changing the world, just one person at a time!

(Mark) #2

Great job,Super role model,helping people to believe it’s possible,as we all know getting healthy can be discouraging sometimes,keep it up

(James Studdart) #3

Most definitely, I need to find the drive now to get back into running. I’ve got a target, and I just need to brave these cold and miserable mornings and go for a run :slight_smile:


Is that steak for all 4 of you or are flying solo on that one? :wink:

(James Studdart) #5

I flew solo, had a boat load of butter with and ate the fat from my brother’s… It was amazing! It’s the best place I’ve ever been for steak. It’s MooMoo bar in Krakow, Poland. That 1kg steak cost me only £18.00

(Richard Morris) #6

Awesome work.

What we’re trying to do is turn our listeners into keto leaders in their own communities.

(James Studdart) #7

Think I’ve pulled a few ex-ketoers back into the ranks today, educated a few people about it and ended up almost losing my S*it with someone on Slack being an idiot and telling me I know nothing, and it’s all just about people making money from MCT oil :frowning: he wouldn’t listen, I guess you can’t tell everyone, lol.

(Guardian of the bacon) #8

I have a bottle of MCT oil in the cupboard, some generic brand. I have a bottle of Brain Octane as well. I didn’t really notice a benefit from either. I don’t remember the last time I used either. Although I may start back up as I have had a constipation issue lately.

Tell your friend that Keto is about wayyyyy more than a few hucksters schilling their wares.


Have that idiot tell the people developing Alzheimers drugs based on MCT Oil like Axona (because it’s something they can patent) or the people that are feeding their loved ones MCT Oil or coconut oil that contains MCTs as well as the epileptics who are using MCTs and ketones to make their lives bearable.

I liken using MCT oil over something like coconut oil that contains MCT to same level as suggesting grass-fed meat and eggs over standard grain-fed. It’s not necessary for most people on a ketogenic diet, but it is better and more targeted with fewer unwanted effects, but for some people the difference is important and shouldn’t be ignored. Both have the opportunity to be exploited by manufacturers claiming the improvement and not delivering, so the “idiot” is correct up to that point, but that’s where we as vigilant, educated consumers will communicate among ourselves and stop buying the “bad” products.

(Arlene) #10

I do not see ugly in either photo, seriously. I do understand that you are being hard on yourself. Our self images are often negative, unfortunately. You look wonderful, and what a transformation. That steak looks pretty amazing too. Hmmm, I think I’m hungry.

(Jane Reed) #11

Bill, I’m someone who uses a bit of mct oil prophylactically every day, just for the reasons you mention. Ever since I read of Dr. Mary Newport’s experience with her husband’s dementia, I figured it would do me good in the long run.