(traci simpson) #21

I do not.

(Running from stupidity) #22

As some genius once said: “The worst meat is better than the best bread, so just buy the meat you can afford—don’t stress about grass-fed, organic, etc…”

(traci simpson) #23

They don’t use any sugar in their meat and I can afford it, but that’s just me.

(Confused!) #24

Hi mark,

I now have a ketone monitor. Measured 1.4 first thing this morning. I’ve eat 3 heck sausages, 2 rashers of bacon and 2 eggs. Retest after 15 minutes and was 0.8.

This is my fourth week and not loads at all this week.

Any advise?



(bulkbiker) #25

Great you are in nutritional ketosis… carry on as before… don’t chase numbers they fluctuate all day…
if you are registering ketones you are in ketosis… it really is that simple (whatever anyone else may tell you).

(bulkbiker) #26

But they don’t sell sausages do they?
Can’t see mention of any on their website…

(Confused!) #27

Oh I was a bit concerned as thought I should show between 1.5-3

It’s so frustrating doing everything I can and having no lose and no control over the scales.

(bulkbiker) #28

That stupid pictorial has caused a lot of unnecessary stress…
You are in ketosis… don’t worry about it just enjoy the benefits please…

(Confused!) #29

Thank you. Really appreciate you’re advise

(bulkbiker) #30

No worries happy to help.

(traci simpson) #31

They sell ground breakfast sausage

(bulkbiker) #32

I.e. ground pork?
I think we may have a transatlantic translation difference… in the UK this is sausage

(Allie) #33

Breakfast sausage seems to be burgers made of pork :thinking: Definitely a lost in translation thing going on :joy:

(Confused!) #34

Me again!

Preparing for a move so last few days have been like this:


2 small pieces of chicken
Steak, 1 sausage and a small slice of belly pork with mayo.


3 small chunks of cheddar cheese
1 x sausage
1 x belly pork
Half portion of doner kebab meat
1 x battered spam fritter

On both of these days I have taken 2 x O.R.S hydration electrolyte tablets -blackcurrant dissolvable

I’ve today put 2lbs on and keto level is 0.7

Obviously the spam fitter was a no no but I’ve only started eaten sausage and taking the supplement I’ve the last 2 days

What’s your take on this.

Thanks again.

(bulkbiker) #35

No Idea but my weight can go up and down by 2 pounds within a day due to drinks, transit issues (poop), stress… I’m guessing as you are moving you are fairly stressed…?
What’s in the hydration tablets?
And yes the batter won’t have helped.
Are you weighing yourself at the same time ?

(Confused!) #36

The hydration tablets have 4 net carbs but concerned about sugar content. Started them as started with headaches and I drink a large about of water.

Yeah I weigh myself at the same time.
I don’t feel stressed.
Sorry to be so needy but I’m totally frustrated.

(bulkbiker) #37

I can understand the frustration but does 2 pounds really matter in the long run? as you know you are on the way to health… that is surely the important thing… I have been in the same 10 pound range for the past 2 years… its not where I want to be but my body is obviously happy here. I can try and force it to be where I want but am I fighting a losing battle?

(Confused!) #38

It shouldn’t but I’m not happy with my size and going on holiday in a couple of months and wanted to feel better.

(bulkbiker) #39

Tried some fasting ?

(Confused!) #40

Prior to Friday I had been eating one meal a day and completed a 24 hour fast on Saturday/Sunday.