Sausage links - less than 1 carb

(Teri) #1

I’m always looking for link sausages that are low in carbs, and finally found some that taste super good and are the lowest I have seen yet. Thought I’d share.


Aldi pork sausage roll is 0 carbs for 99 cents its 100% pork meat and fat

(Teri) #3

Good to know. I’ll get some of those. It’s been hard to find anything at regular grocery stores that seems to be worth eating. I love sausage and bacon but I want to limit my processed foods. Pork is by far my favorite, so if you have any other suggestions, let me know. Especially on the bacon front. I need a good brand that is cured with better ingredients.


Aldi bacon is also excellent, and cheaper than other brands.

I use the pork sausage to make meatballs. I also use it like ground beef and make a good sauce, onions, tomato, peppers, mushrooms etc I put it into a large bowl and top with full fat moz and melt under grill/broiler. Delic!

(Heather) #5

I’m going to make that my dinner when I’m done with my EF. It sounds delicious!

(Teri) #6

Ok, I’m gonna go live at Aldi now. Because I’ve been searching through brand after brand at Walmart and other typical grocery stores only to end up disappointed and settling for bacon that I feel uncomfortable with. It hasn’t affected my ketosis, but I’d like to be as clean as possible.


Check in your meat sections closely and hope to find pure pork smoked and pork/beef smoked sausage from down in Louisiana – brand names Richard’s (pronounced Ree-Shards) and Savoie’s (pronounced Sah-Vwahs) are best, then Manda’s. All have a heavy smoked flavor, particularly Richard’s.

And all are 1 carb or less. Best cooked on the grill.

(Alex ) #8

Aldi Bockwurst German Sausages - hot dog style, but still worthy on a plate of food !

0.5g carbs each.

(Teri) #9

My next grocery trip is going to be to our local Aldi, because apparently this is what has been missing in my life.

(Alex ) #10

honestly @teri they taste really good! I have 2 jars in my cupboard as we speak… 8 for like £1.20 odd… cant go wrong…

this is what they look like oven cooked alongside a breakfast type affair…

(Alex ) #11

same product in the US too!

(Mike W.) #12

Your best bet is finding a local butcher who makes sausages.