Salty snacks

(Christian Peters) #1

I am looking for snacks that will help me increase my sodium intake. I have some chicken broth almost every day and would like to have somr other options. What do you eat when you want more salt?

(David Russell) #2

Pork rinds.

(Lauren) #3

I tend to go to something I’d normally add salt to… 1/2 avo or a boiled eggs with a bunch of salt & pepper on it

(I like to post memes!) #4

Add salt to your water!

(Kristin Olsen) #5

I like these beef sticks especially when I am on the go.

(Scott Shillady) #6

Bacon :zornface:

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

Does a question exist for which bacon is not the answer?

(Guardian of the bacon) #8

I just liberally apply salt to all of my foods these days.


Salted peanuts. Fatty, salty and filling.

(mwall) #10

I keep one of these in my car and on both my desks. Crunch and munch!


@mwall, is that Himalayan Pink Salt?

(Jane Reed) #12

Pickled cucumbers and green olives.

(mwall) #13

Yep yep! My tic tacs! :joy: LOL


Great idea…would never have occurred to me. Will have to give that a go!

(Scott Shillady) #15

What is my least favorite food? Bacon is definitely not the answer

(Guardian of the bacon) #16

Bacon was still in the answer.

(Christine J) #17

Glad it’s not just me that does this!!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #18

No. Next question?