Salty meat and your period

(Teri) #1

The 4-5 days before my period all I crave is salty meat, and preferably sausage, bacon, or maybe pulled pork or brisket. I’m assuming this is my body’s way of telling me to get more salt, maybe protein, but how much more should I get? Should I just eat until I feel satitiated? I’m glad I’m not craving sugar/carbs like the first couple of months, but also I don’t want to overload on protein. I feel like I could eat an entire package of bacon a day. I’ve added extra salt to my other foods/water, but it just isn’t doing it. So maybe it’s just a mental craving for those foods since cravings are typical.
Wondering if anyone else has this or a similar issue.

(Diane) #2

Sometimes I know my period is coming because I get really hungry for several days (my periods have become even more sporadic with keto and fasting). So, I eat more, keeping it keto and making sure to add plenty of fat, which I always need in order to feel satisfied.

My suggestion would be try eating more (salty) protein for a couple days, just make sure to up your fat as well. See how it goes, see how you feel. My suspicion is that this craving might be of short duration once you satisfy it.

(Teri) #3

I have been eating a little lean meat for protein, eggs and bacon and veggies with olive oil to get fiber and fat. All of this lightly salted, trying to hit all the marks to see what might be missing. Whether it’s fat, protein, salt, or fiber to feel full. I think I’m just hungry because my body is about to, or is currently, using more calories. I also workout daily so that’s extra strain on it. I used to use my period as an excuse to not work out and be lazy for a few days, and even eat bad, but since keto I’ve stopped doing that and just try to give my body extra if I feel I need it and have found that I don’t feel the same fatigue I once did in the PMS way. I don’t get cramps like I used to, or feel as emotional or tired. I mostly just feel more hungry than usual. It’s a weird feeling. Like not weak hungry, just unsatisfied. Like I need something I’m not getting. Maybe it will take time for me to get myself figured out. I’m new to this. Only 3 months in.

(Amy) #4

That’s funny, I was just saying this to a friend yesterday. I just feel hollow, no matter how much fat and protein I eat. For me, it’s carbs that I’m craving, and I usually give in to some extent on the weekends (half a banana or sweet potato), since I no longer need to lose weight. I feel like my hormones have balanced out since I started eating a few carbs on the weekends (I sleep better and am not as dry), but my cycles are still a mess. I’m also 3 months in and only had my period once since I started (and it lasted 2 weeks). I keep thinking I’m about to start my cycle again, but nothing happens.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #5

As you are physically active & trying to gain weight then yes, you should eat until you’re satiated. A bit of extra protein might do you good & is unlikely to do you any harm.

(Michelle) #6

I will be 44 next month but still far from menopause. My period went crazy when I started keto. I had one every 18-21 days. Then it went to 32 days (which gave me quite a scare :flushed: :baby:t2:) and now, after seven months, my period is regular, around 30 days.

(Teri) #7

I just started, one day early. So right on track. This is my 3rd keto period and I haven’t had any weird timing issues so far. They are like they always have been in terms of regularity. They have been lighter and less cramping, though. So it wouldn’t surprise me if keto is to thank for that. If wasn’t for me tracking my period I wouldn’t have known it was time because I had absolutely no cramping or PMS symptoms whatsoever. No bloating, water weight gain, headaches. Just the food cravings.
Which is weird/funny because I woke up this morning absolutely not hungry (like couldn’t even fathom the thought of eating) at all after having just started. So it was like a switch. Don’t know if that’s anything anyone else has experienced.

(Amy) #8

I just started too, after 8 weeks. The hollow, anxious, hungry feeling I’ve had for a month stopped (yes, like a switch), and I’m no longer hungry today. I feel like I could sleep for 2 days straight. For me, I think it was more anxiety than hunger that I was feeling, it’s just that carbs quell the anxiety.