Salt to taste. When is it too much salt

(Vic) #1

So I live as simple as possible when it comes to food. Eat to live, not live to eat.
No supplements or proccesed stuff.

Salt to taste is the guidance i folow.
Lately it seems I’m having more then usual. So I was wondering. Can I trust my taste?
What are the signs that you have to much?

(Bob M) #2

There’s too much salt?

(Old Baconian) #3

For me, it’s when my stools get really mushy. (If I don’t get enough, I get constipated.)

If your food tastes too salty to eat, then you’ve put too much on it. If you really don’t want to salt your food, listen to yourself. I learned lately that a number of long-term carnivores have stopped adding salt to their meat, finding it salty enough.

In any case, the healthy range, according to a few recent studies, is 4-6 g of sodium, or 10-15 g of sodium chloride, a day, including sodium/salt already present in food.


I feel if I eat too much salt. First I find my food too salty (I eat cured meat every day and it’s very salty), then I feel a strange burn all the time and then I develop a salt aversion and drop the salted meat (I drop added salt earlier) and eat the least salty food… Eggs are very nice then.

But it’s just me (and happened only once when I was kind of forced to eat too much salty meat), we are all different. Our sodium need and tolerance too. I love keeping my salt around a tablespoon a day, it’s probably double when I eat much cured pork but it’s just a guess, it doesn’t come with a label… The keto recommended amount would be awful to me, I do my best to avoid going near! (I ate it once though, I mean, I sit down and ate it. I had to try. A single occasion didn’t do bad but doing this regularly is different. My probably ~10g salt a day caused problems in a week. Once but whenever I eat more salt, I feel my body isn’t quite fond of it.)

It seems I like my food less and less salty (though my smoked pork interferes) but if I follow my taste, it’s always fine. I never supplemented sodium but I don’t do long fasts.
I imagine using our taste as a guide often works… But water intake, activity, weather and zillion other things surely matter too. But I don’t hear from people that they need actively control their intake to feel right… So I guess it should work properly under normal circumnstances.

(Robin) #5

A lack of salt can contribute to leg cramps, especially at night. If you’re not having any issues, you’re probably right to trust your instincts.

(Vic) #6

You tell me :grinning:

Ok, that would not work for me, If I dont eat any vegs or fruit, stool is always the same.

Cool thx.

Yep, been there. Working in the tropics and loosing to much salt sweating. Thnx


There is a great book called the “The Salt Fix”. The book discusses many salt issues, including salt intake. I suspect when eating a relativity clean diet, free of process crap, you would need to increase your sodium intake. Test your intake of salt and see what happens. Every morning I have a cold glass of water with a pinch of Redmond Real Salt. Use this or pink salt on most of the foods I eat. No adverse effects. I also find after exercise, I physically crave salty foods. Makes sense.


It’s near impossible to get in too much salt from salting food. You’d make it disgusting tasting long before you over did it. Especially if you’re not supplementing anything given that most people don’t get in enough vitamins and minerals to begin with.


No, there is never too much salt.

(Kirk Wolak) #10

How heavily do you salt your SPAM?

I prefer a THIN coating on each slice… LOL (Just kidding).

If you slice the spam SUPER Thin (Cheese Slice, thin). Then cook it pretty well done.
It crisps up and becomes like a MEAT Potato Chip. Without salting, it tastes SALTY.
I found, unlike Chips, I can’t over eat them!

Unfortunately after testing (and better reading of the label), the rapid weight gain was probably the MALTOSE they add to the SPAM. And the fact that it is PORK based. So I have 30 cans for Emergency food, that will literally ONLY be eaten in Emergency now…

But try the Spam Chips (I Fried them on a Pancake Griddle) at 350, flipping 2-3 times…

(Joey) #11

I’ll second this recommendation. Excellent book with plenty of peer-reviewed studies in the footnotes.