Salmon - 99 Cent Store


(Troy) #1


Then Swam out upstream
jumping like a fish out of water

(Candy Lind) #2

Was this “99 cents only” or another dollar store? What a great buy!

(Troy) #3

99 cent store Only :smile:

(Ken) #4

Sometimes the “Dollar Tree” has it also. It can go pretty fast, just like their bags of Pink Salt.

(Windmill Tilter) #5

Nice score!

Pink salmon is a staple in my diet. It’s always wild caught off the coast of Alaska, in contrast to the farm raised Atlantic salmon that’s available in the grocery store at twice the price. It’s also a very small fish that’s low on the foodchain there is no risk of heavy metals. Walmart always has it available in the frozen seafood section at around $4.50/lb, but I actually love canned pink salmon which can be had for about $4.00/lb. It makes a great salmon salad with a bit of avocado mayo. :+1:

(Troy) #6


4oz for $.99
(2) 3oz bags of pork rinds at .$99 each


A lovely front end of my TMAD for today

This WOE is so cumbersome, inconvenient, unsustainable and expensive!
I mean that’s what the Respected Harvard Publications told me and he scientist Jilian Michaels conveyed